Surprising New Uses for Cloud Computing

Surprising New Uses for Cloud Computing

Cloud virtual desktops are growing in popularity for companies that want a more flexible option for their IT infrastructure, but cloud computing is being used for a variety of new purposes that you may find surprising. Here are a few ways that cloud computing is breaking new ground.


Cloud computing allows ecommerce sites to expand and handle large numbers of visitors in ways that these retailers couldn’t before. Increased scalability and flexibility make it easier for online retailers to handle influxes of web traffic during peak selling times without having to pay for additional IT support and infrastructure.

Virtual Meetings

There are several online meeting sites that allow companies to host conference calls, webinars and meetings through the cloud. This allows for face-to-face communication without the expense of travel. Unlike traditional phone conference calls, meetings in the cloud facilitate in-meeting file sharing and screen sharing, making it easier for everyone to participate in these virtual meetings.

While there are sites that specialize in just these two options, with cloud virtual desktops you can perform some of the same functions and get the same benefits through the use of VDI applications. Your VDI service provider can work with you to create innovative ways to meet your company’s cloud computing needs.