The Future of Microsoft Dynamics GP for Your Business

Microsoft Dynamics GP

The Future of Microsoft Dynamics GP for Your Business

Dynamics GP isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Why, how and who should keep using Dynamics GP.

Long story short—you’ve been using Microsoft Dynamics GP and you aren’t ready to switch. So what does the future of Dynamics GP look like? Should you keep using it and how can you bring your current GP system into the future? Let’s find out…

Microsoft released Dynamics 365 Business Central a couple of years ago and since then, the Dynamics GP community has been wondering about the future of their solution. Dynamics 365 is the all-cloud version of Microsoft’s enterprise resource planning solution for mid-market companies. While Microsoft is all-in on cloud, the future of Dynamics GP remains bright. Microsoft has assured its customers and partners that support for GP, including updates and fixes, will continue with three updates per year for the next few years.

“…the future of Dynamics GP remains bright”

This is good news for GP users and resellers as there are a lot of good reasons to keep using GP.

Why Keep Using GP?

  • New software implementations are costly and strenuous for businesses, especially major accounting software.
  • Adoption of new solutions is slow and training is costly. Considering the strain already on most SMBs due to COVID-19, now might not be the best time to switch to brand-new mission critical solutions.
  • Many of your key integrations and customizations aren’t available for Business Central so you may be losing functionality or having to research and choose new add-on software like Time and Expense, Tax Automation and eCommerce solutions.
  • As Microsoft continues to invest in its migration tools, the transition will likely become smoother years down the road. And your needs might change between now and then.
  • Dynamics GP remains one of the most scalable and effective accounting solutions for growing businesses. Few solutions in its class can offer the same level of functionality, insights, reliability and audit-readiness.

Who Should Keep Using GP?

  • Businesses who plan to sell in the next few years. As you plan the sale of your business, you will need to get your reporting and accounting practices in order. You want to focus on getting ready to sell for the highest price possible. You don’t want to focus on making any drastic changes to your accounting management if you don’t have to. And your potential buyer will likely work to transition your data into whatever their systems are anyway.
  • Businesses with heavy regulatory requirements. If you are in a highly regulated industry or you are a publicly traded company, you likely need more control over governance, risk management and compliance than a cloud-native solution can provide.
  • Businesses who plan to go public soon. No need for added strain during an already stressful time, and GP is better equipped to help you get your GRC practices ready for when you hit the public market.
  • Businesses with deep customization and a lot of complex integrations. As we said above. You probably won’t be able to keep these if you migrate to a new cloud solution.
  • Businesses who recently paid for upgrades, maintenance or new user licenses. This can all be costly and you don’t want to have to eat that cost in order to transition to the cloud.

How to Stay on GP and Go Cloud

So, you’ve been using GP successfully and for any of the reasons above, you want to keep using it. You can still go cloud with little strain to the businesses by working with a managed cloud hosting provider. The right private hosting provider can help you move to the cloud and keep your current Microsoft Dynamics GP system. Learn more about Managed Hosting Providers and How they Work.

Why go cloud through a private hosting provider:

  • Keep your custom configurations
  • Keep your current integrations
  • Get updates and patches (No Lapsed Maintenance Fees)
  • Get services and architecture tailored to your needs
  • Maintain control to meet your GRC requirements
  • Improve security

it might be a better choice to invest in modernizing your current system by going cloud”

Rather than investing your IT budget into a new accounting software implementation, it might be a better choice to invest in modernizing your current system by going cloud. The future of Dynamics GP is solid. The software isn’t going anywhere and you can bring your current Dynamics GP into the future by going cloud through a managed hosting provider.

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