Using Cloud Services the Smart Way

Using Cloud Services the Smart Way

A growing number of businesses and other organizations are using cloud services to back up their critical data and other applications. Cloud services have a number of advantages – they’re less expensive for companies than making new investments in data centers or hardware, and they provide a good level of protection from data loss.

Cloud Computing the Smart Way

Going with a cloud service for backup purposes doesn’t provide an ironclad guarantee of protection, however. Companies using cloud services to back up their data and applications still need to be proactive. Here are a few ways they can enhance the security of their information:

  • Take a look at your disaster recovery plan – Companies should revise their plan for recovering data and factor their cloud storage into that plan. An updated plan will help companies make the most of their cloud storage and better help them be prepared for all contingencies.
  • Train your staff – Companies should train their staff on how their cloud services work, and best practices for storing and retrieving data. Untrained employees are a productivity killer, and improper storing and retrieving of data can lead to security and other problems.
  • Develop IT architecture – Determine exactly what services you need from the cloud, and an architecture for applications and data storage. This allows for more efficient implementation and use of cloud services.

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