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Back-end infrastructure, security, backups
and overall IT management


CyberlinkASP provides desktop virtualization and application delivery services, network management monitoring, guaranteed uptime and helping your business create a backup, storage and disaster recovery strategy. CyberlinkASP does it all, so that you can focus on your business no matter your industry.

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Your path to data-driven, secure and compliant healthcare delivery starts here.

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Unite your dispersed workforce and streamline your efficiency with virtual desktop.

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From simpler client and internal communication to better data security, see how a virtual desktop can help your firm.

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Compliance used to keep you up at night. Breathe easier with our secure, accessible cloud-hosted solutions.

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In the logistics business, your success is only as good as your data. With Cyberlink, you keep data access at your fingertips.

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Make sure your financial documents, applications, and data are completely accessible, secure, up-to-date, and compliant.

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The clock never stops for small business owners. Access your apps and data whenever and wherever you need them.

Simplifying cloud computing and desktop hosting

“The key to Omni’s competitive advantage is our information technology. Data visibility and user-friendly web applications enable our clients to electronically dispatch, print shipping documents, and manage shipments on a “real time” basis. After multiple attempts with in-house IT we have got it right with CyberlinkASP.”

Mark McDowell
Chief Executive Officer, Omni Logistics

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“It has been almost three years since we first decided to work with Cyberlink in terms of hosting our CargoWise® software in an ASP environment and hosting our Web & Shiptrax® servers at Cyberlink. Cyberlink’s high support levels have allowed us to stay focused on our internal sales, development and support issues, while leaving the technical hosting issues to Cyberlink. The redundancy and lack of down time over the past three years with Cyberlink has been simply outstanding.”

Cris Arens
President, Fountainhead (CargoWise)

“From my perspective as CFO, our company has benefited in many ways from our relationship with CyberlinkASP: assurance that all data is backed up daily and safely stored, all users are using licensed and legal software, problem resolution is fast and completed courteously. Perhaps more importantly, I have access licensed and certified computer professionals that I probably would not be able to afford if I were to attempt to hire them.”

Kirby Bubenik
Chief Financial Officer, A-MED Home Health

Free Guide: 10 Ways Virtual Desktop Hosting
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Learn about the many benefits of virtual desktop hosting and find out how
desktop-as-a-service can revolutionize the way you do business.

Latest Trends and Emerging Strategies in Cloud Computing

Stay on top of developments in the cloud computing and hosting industry. Our blog offers tips on how to amp up your cyber security, as well as exploring trends relevant to hosted virtual desktops.


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