CyberlinkASP Partner Program
for Agents and Resellers


Tap into deeper revenue streams by pairing our technical expertise with your company’s growing client network.

Why Partner with CyberlinkASP?

CyberlinkASP is committed to providing an unparallelled managed IT and virtual desktop experience that can take your client’s IT strategy from cost-center to profit-center. Our team of partner support specialists help make sure when that happens, you’re recognized as the hero.


As a CyberlinkASP channel partner, you’ll benefit from:

  • Sales management and support that help advise you during the buying cycle
  • Simple and scalable pricing models
  • Comprehensive product implementation and support

Readily Available Pre- and Post-Sales Support

As a CyberlinkASP channel partner, you’ll receive a dedicated team of partner support specialists focused on your success. Whether it’s brainstorm around new lead sources, closing more sales or streamlining implementation, our team stands ready to help.

SaaS That You Can Build Around

In a partner, you need someone whose product you can stake your name on and whose support is invested in your success. With CyberlinkASP, you get both. We lead with our guaranteed uptime of more than 99 percent. Double that with our “always on” support team, available to you around the clock, and you have the support needed to grow your business offerings with confidence.

Looking for more info on how CyberlinkASP can help boost your clients’ IT strategies and drive your bottom line up? Request a meeting.