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As your business continues to grow, make sure your IT infrastructure can keep up.

CyberlinkASP’s Virtual Desktop Hosting And Application Delivery Service Provides Secure, Affordable, And Scalable Hosting.

Your IT Infrastructure provides the foundation for all of your organization’s IT operations. Made up of both physical and virtual components, including hardware servers, router software applications, networks, and technology services, it allows you to build and maintain a comprehensive IT environment.

At CyberlinkASP, we manage your hardware and infrastructure so you never have to worry about setting up or maintaining your servers. Instead of dealing with each component on an ad hoc basis, we see the big picture — a web of physical assets and complex interrelationships that make up the modern information system. That means we can plan for contingencies and strategize for optimal performance.


The days of coordinating your organization’s countless servers and devices are over. Outsourcing your hosting needs to a virtual desktop hosting provider allows your desktop data and applications to be hosted in a secure data center. You’ll have access to your files and applications when you need them, wherever you are in the world. The best part? You will have a team of experienced technicians supporting you, coordinating updates, and monitoring security every step of the way, 24/7/365, whether you are in Dallas, Texas or across the Atlantic. By treating your entire IT infrastructure as one coordinated entity, your organization can:

Optimize network resources

Eliminate redundancies

Easily adapt to changes and integrate new systems

Increase efficiency

Ensure that all systems remain operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Eliminate Your Downtime

No enterprise is immune to occasional periods of network downtime. Virtual desktop hosting — also known as Desktop as a Service (DaaS) — can eliminate your downtime through the design of highly optimized systems, unmatched compliance, and highly secured centralized data centers.

By outsourcing the hosting of your data and applications you will be able to take the burden off of your IT staff and place it on a specialized team of cloud hosting experts. Who will you trust more: your cloud and hosting provider whose brand and reputation are on the line at all times, or the overburdened IT department whose budget is being cut every day?

We’ll help you understand cloud computing basics, the benefits of cloud hosting, and how hosted desktops work, so you can make an informed decision.

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How Does It Work?

A Fixed Monthly Fee

When you subscribe to our hosted virtual desktop service, we become your outsourced IT department. We will provide you with access to your servers, your software applications, your data storage and backup, your help desk, your IT management from anywhere at any time.

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Blazing Fast Performance

You provide the device, we provide the high-performance applications hosted in our data center. Once logged in, users will have all the familiar applications like Outlook, Word, Excel, and hundreds of other critical business applications, all with blazing fast performance. And your data is securely stored and easily accessible on our cloud desktop, 24/7.

Accessing Your Data

Applications and data are stored in our secure, state-of-the-art data centers. Accessing data from our hosted virtual desktop is so simple and fast, you won’t even know that the applications are being delivered from an offsite facility.

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Grow Your Business, Shrink Your IT Expenses

As your business grows, it’s inevitable that you’ll need more resources — whether that means more people on your team or a larger, more complex IT infrastructure. Why be saddled with fixed IT expenses and the responsibility of hosting and monitoring your servers internally? Entrusting your business to CyberlinkASP for application and desktop hosting enables you to grow your business and scale up services as needed without the burden of non-critical IT expenses.

Create a Highly Mobile Workforce

More than ever, your employees are working on the go, from multiple devices and various places on the network. Keep your applications and data centralized in our secure and optimized data centers, not on vulnerable mobile devices. Our cloud desktop enhances employee productivity by providing reliable access to data. It also brings business owners the peace of mind of knowing their corporate data is fully secured and safe from breaches.

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Eliminate Costly Software Licensing Issues

Technology changes quickly. We provide the latest, most effective technology from our state-of-the-art data centers through a simple, secure, web-enabled process so you can focus on your operations and growing your business. Our customers are covered for MS Office, Exchange, SQL, etc., for all users through our managed licensing services. Use our cloud desktop and applications and never worry about revisions, patches, upgrades, or maintenance with our hosted virtual desktop — we handle it all for you.

Reduce Variable Costs With Predictable Pricing

Add up the cost of your desktop and application management system, the cost of replacing technology, the unexpected price of downtime, the space a growing data center requires, the constant need to fix, maintain, revise, and upgrade systems, and the costs associated with data security. If you’re shocked at the figure, there’s a better solution: a predictable cloud desktop subscription service through CyberlinkASP.

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Increase Reliability

CyberlinkASP uses multiple servers in order to provide round-the-clock availability and maximize your up-time. Every piece of equipment is designed to ensure that your system remains operational 100% of the time. We maintain, monitor, and manage all of your physical assets around the clock. With dependable hardware and expert planning, our reliable infrastructure solutions strengthen the flow of information throughout your system and ensure seamless operation. The right IT service management can have a huge impact on your bottom line. Don’t settle for less.

Key Features of CyberlinkASP’s Hosting Capabilities

Data servers contain dual power supplies connected to separate power circuits for optimal reliability.

Servers contain dual network cards in a fault-tolerant cluster; cards are also connected to different network switches, which are in turn connected to separate routers.

RAID 5 hard drive configuration with hot spare storage.

Load balanced servers help keep your system up and running; if one fails, apps continue to operate.

Servers are protected by warranties which include a three-year on-site warranty and an extended pre-failure warranty.

Redundant CISCO routers and Dell switches; redundant feeds to the routers.

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