Virtual Desktop Hosting And Applications
for the Healthcare Industry


Anytime, anywhere access to mission-critical data can improve customer care

The Power of On-the-Go Data Access

Whether doctors and nurses are moving from room to room in a dedicated facility or on the road delivering healthcare in patient’s homes, healthcare professionals have a pressing need to access real-time patient data and applications remotely and from multiple devices.


Virtual desktops hosted in the cloud help your team overcome this IT challenge. In the face of increasing regulatory burdens and shrinking IT budgets, virtual desktops offer a straightforward way to increase technological presence without a major overhaul of a company’s systems and processes.

Keeping Your Patient Data Secure

Virtual desktops provide streamlined and secure data management solutions for your company. With help from CyberlinkASP, physicians, hospitals, and other medical providers can centrally manage their data, protect it from vulnerabilities, and share it with relevant parties.


For years, we have worked with healthcare vendors and related ISVs to meet the unique demands of the industry, so you can rest easy knowing your data is well-managed and fully secured. In the end, having one comprehensive IT solution reduces the administrative burden and allows healthcare providers to focus on their primary mission: delivering the best care to patients.

Challenges Faced by Healthcare Organizations

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Security and Compliance

Protected Health Information is extremely sensitive data and governments impose strict regulations on securing it. After all, your organization is not only on the line to keep the data compliant, but also to deploy and manage the virtual infrastructure needed for efficient cloud storage.

Lack of IT Resources

Many medical offices have a small IT staff with limited technical abilities and limited resources. Remote access, patient management, medical imaging, billing, and insurance applications – whether legacy, virtual, or mobile – need to be supported for an increasingly mobile workforce.

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Doing More with Less: Shrinking IT Budgets

Healthcare is a labor-, information-, and technology-intensive industry, but revenue per employee to fund the required IT infrastructure is low. Organizations are constantly looking to cut the IT budget, even though they are entirely dependent on it to operate. Healthcare IT administrators need to focus on more strategic projects and cloud-delivered applications and desktops to lower the TCO of their respective medical practices.

Technology You Can Trust

You can be assured of simpler compliance and data security by storing your sensitive data in our secure, state-of-the-art data centers. We are audited annually for SSAE-18 Compliance and we take the protection of your data and private information very seriously.

Ultimately, your data remains safe in our cloud, while you retain optimal availability to all critical legacy applications, as well as guaranteed 24/7 access to a dedicated customer service team that fully understands the unique needs of the industry.

Key Benefits of Virtual Desktop Hosting and Applications
for the Healthcare Industry


Sensitive patient data is safe and accessible to authorized personnel.


We makes sure that your data is SSAE-18 compliant so you don’t have to.

Quality of Service

Access all of the patient data you need to provide the highest level of patient centered service.

Managed Backups

Lost data and information can be catastrophic. We handle all of your regularly scheduled backups so you don’t have to.

High Performance

Fast, secure access to your information from your office, patient room, or remote location in case of an emergency.

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