Virtual Desktop Hosting And Applications
for the Pharmaceutical Industry


Streamline employee efficiency by granting desktop access anywhere, anytime.

Increase Efficiency and Protect Sensitive Data with Cloud Hosted Desktops

Pharmaceutical companies are facing a growing mountain of complicated rules and regulations, which makes data management an increasingly burdensome task. Today, pharmaceutical and biotech companies require advanced IT solutions that allow them to more efficiently collect, store, and share important clinical data. Thankfully, cloud desktops designed specifically for the healthcare industry can help businesses that are struggling to comply with complex and costly requirements.


CyberlinkASP’s virtual desktops facilitate compliance, increase efficiency, and protect sensitive data from vulnerabilities. By streamlining the administrative process and providing easier access to real-time information, our cloud-based data management systems help firms prepare for the considerable changes brought about by a rapidly evolving industry.


By offloading pharmaceutical management software to the cloud with CyberlinkASP, vendors can focus on core product development to remain competitive without wasting time and resources on software and hardware upgrades and maintenance. Our team understands the challenges that our pharmaceutical customers face, and have extensive experience with the software vendors that keep the industry moving.

Key Benefits of Hosted Virtual Desktops and Applications for the Pharmaceutical Industry


Sensitive data is maintained in a safe, secure environment with constant monitoring.


We makes sure that your system and data are compliant so you don’t have to worry.

Managed Backup Services

We handle regularly scheduled backups to reduce your risk of data loss.

Disaster Recovery

If a catastrophic event occurs, rest easy knowing that everything can be restored.

High Performance

Fast, secure access to your information from your office or remote location in case of an emergency.

Challenges Faced by Pharmaceutical Organizations

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Cut Costs and Improve Processes

Virtual solutions give you an edge over the competition. The Cloud and virtualization allows your staff to collaborate strategically without spending more money on new technology or dealing with major changes that can cause productivity disruptions. 24/7 support and reliable cloud hosting and virtual desktop technology is a must to allow you to focus on more strategic projects.

Real Time Updates

Accurate, real-time tracking of your inventory improves your overall operations. 24/7 access to your inventory management software helps you avoid product shortages and results in optimized efficiency in production and order fulfillment. Access to all of your files and applications allows your team to look up orders, inventory, shipping details, and lets you provide your customers with accurate information in real time. Provide the best customer service around with added speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

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Security Threats

Constantly facing potential new security threats and breaches is a common concern for businesses today. To deal with complex and ever-changing threats, organizations need to understand potential threats so they can monitor for them and stop them before they happen. CyberlinkASP provides you with the constant monitoring required to keep your system safe from potential breaches.

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