Managed IT and Secure Cloud Desktops for Accounting and Tax Professionals

Accounting is about precision — there’s no room for error. But, what happens when your access to the tools you need to do your work is compromised or unreliable? What do you do when you need to expand the capabilities of your department but your budget is limited?

Do what you do — look at the numbers. If you look into your expenditures, you’ll probably realize that you spend a lot of money on IT. There may be no way to avoid some costs, but a little research will quickly lead to cloud-based cost-effective solutions. Luckily, reading this may be all the research you need.

CyberlinkASP is the cloud hosting and virtual desktop hosting service provider that can help you reduce costs while ensuring your accounting firm or department remains accurate and compliant. This page will break down the benefits of choosing us as your cloud and desktop hosting partner and explain what sets us apart from the competition.

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CyberlinkASP — Cloud and Desktop Hosting Specialists

There are hosting companies claiming to offer nearly every possible service. We decided that it was important to be experts on a smaller number of services and then provide exceptional customer service, reliability, security and overall value.

CyberlinkASP Provides:

  • A 99% guaranteed uptime
  • A 100% data recovery rate
  • 99.9% service level coverage

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How CyberlinkASP Can Help Your Accounting Firm

Here’s a few of the ways that our cloud-based services can help your accounting department or accounting firm. We’ve tried to prioritize what is most important to your unique business, but we’ve also included a number of benefits that apply to any business. If you have questions about the benefits or if you’re ready to try a demonstration of our services, contact us today. When you request a demo, there is no obligation to choose us — we believe in our services and we’re confident that a demo will be enough for you to make CyberlinkASP your virtual desktop and cloud hosting provider.

Up-to-Date Compliance

You deal with a large number of strict compliance requirements in nearly every part of your accounting business. If you’re trying to manage all of these requirements on your own, especially when it comes to the technology, you already know just how difficult it is. At CyberlinkASP, we are SSAE 18 compliant. This compliance certification means that CyberlinkASP meets or exceeds the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) standards that were set in 2018. We also ensure that all of the apps you use as a part of your virtual desktops are in compliance.

Unparalleled Security

We take the security of your data seriously and this goes well beyond the safety of our multiple physical locations. CyberlinkASP also has a dedicated team of engineers working around the clock to shut down intrusions and attacks and to warn you when these problems exist. We work to remove any intruders and then mitigate any damage they have done. We have a 100% data recovery guarantee so you’ll never have to worry.


CyberlinkASP is proud of our 99% uptime guarantee. We are always working hard to keep your system running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. By utilizing redundant systems and optimizing the data flowing through our network, we can promise — and deliver — these kinds of stellar results.

Easier Access

As business (and the world) continues to change and adapt, it’s important that your accounting firm does the same. The ability to securely access your data and apps from anywhere isn’t just a dream, it’s now a necessity. While many companies offer some version of cloud and virtual desktop hosting, very few can provide you with a system that was built to provide as fast and seamless a solution as we offer. No matter where you are, you’ll have the same secure access to everything you need to do your job as you would in the office.

Improved Collaboration

With easier access comes improved collaboration. If your firm or department manages large, complex projects, then seamless, speedy collaboration is a must. We can tailor virtual desktops that allow your team to work as one, on any number of projects, in real time. Our network security and speed also ensures that nothing will get lost.

Lower IT Costs

IT costs continue to grow, especially as a business grows. If you are responsible for controlling or reducing these costs, few of your options are ideal. Either slash budgets or deal with old systems that open you up to a number of potential problems, including intrusion and data loss. If those risks are simply unacceptable, we can help. CyberlinkASP’s structure allows us to offer our services at a fraction of what it would cost to accomplish with an internal IT department.

Cloud Hosting and Virtual Desktop Hosting

Cloud hosting and virtual desktop hosting is important now and becoming ever more vital in the future. By building the system we have now, we’ve ironed out inefficiencies, found and eliminated security threats, and created a system that protects your data while simultaneously providing you with unprecedented uptime and data recovery.

We’re able to provide this level of service due to our team, our facilities, and our technology.

Our Team

CyberlinkASP is one of the most forward-thinking teams of cloud-hosting experts in the industry. We realized where IT technology was headed. We recognized that companies would need top-tier services for themselves and their clients. We knew that we could do it. CyberlinkASP assembled a team from diverse tech backgrounds with a singular goal: provide our clients with reliable and secure access to hosting without sacrificing thoughtful customer service.

Our Facilities

In order to maintain security and reliability, multiple secure and reliable physical locations are required. CyberlinkASP operates sites across the United States which means better security, better speed, and better incident response times in the event that something goes wrong.

Our Technology

By using and adapting some of the most advanced technologies available, we have been able to build a suite of products that are as beneficial as they are agile. From Microsoft Dynamics hosting to SYSPRO and Sage cloud hosting, few other companies offer as many different ways to get your business onto the cloud. We have thousands of users in hundreds of companies that are experiencing the benefits of a stable, customizable, always on, available anywhere system tailored specifically to their needs.

  • 256-bit encryption
  • Password resets every 90 days
  • Logical or physical separation of data
  • Intrusion-free ports on each server box
  • Eco-friendly redundant cooling systems
  • Accurate and reliable fire suppression systems
  • Multiple redundant power systems
  • Redundant UPS
  • Redundant PDU
  • Ingress and egress points are equipped with alarms
  • Bulletproof glass
  • Kevlar-impregnated drywall
  • 24/7/365 on-site monitoring

Microsoft Dynamics Hosted ERP

Is your accounting firm thinking about making the leap to Microsoft Dynamics, or do you want to learn more about the ways that it could increase your company’s efficiency and security? Contact CyberlinkASP today. Our Dynamics hosting is incredibly fast and stable and it comes with all of the same benefits as our other services.

DYNAMICS AX (AXAPTA) — AXAPTA was designed for publicly traded companies with complicated financial structures that must follow strict compliance requirements.

DYNAMICS GP (GREAT PLAINS) — Great Plains is an ideal choice for businesses that must navigate a variety of compliance requirements that are continuously changing.

DYNAMICS NAV (NAVISION) — NAVISION was built to provide businesses that have supply chains and shifting financial structures, as well as other kinds of businesses with needs that aren’t being taken care of by other company’s ERPs.

DYNAMICS SL (SOLOMON ) — Are your company’s revenue streams project-based? If so, SOLOMON may be the right choice for you.

DYNAMICS CRM — Dynamics Customer Relationship Management software allows you to easily keep track of relationships and leads. It is also built to help your company as you work to roll out marketing initiatives.

DYNAMICS CRM, ERP, OFFICE 365 — If your company relies on a number of Microsoft products, this package allows you to harness the combined power of Dynamics CRM, ERP, and the Microsoft Office suite.

If your accounting department or company has been searching for the best way to update and upgrade your IT, contact CyberlinkASP today. A member of our team will help you determine your needs, answer remaining questions about our services and, if you like, set you up with an obligation-free demo.

Are you ready to experience the speed and versatility of CyberlinkASP virtual desktop hosting and cloud hosting services? Is it time to put your accounting firm ahead of the competition? Are you looking for unmatched speed and security? Contact us today. Our team is ready to answer all of your questions and to guide you through the process of moving your business to the cloud. When you try our free, no-obligation demo we know that you’ll understand and appreciate just how game-changing our cloud-based services are.