Desktop and Cloud Hosting For Legal Businesses

If you work in the legal field, whether as a part of a law firm or in the legal department of a company, you understand just how important security, compliance, and reliability are for your computers. If your IT budget feels like it is either getting out of hand or you are worried that it is too small to provide you everything you need, contact CyberlinkASP today. We have scalable cloud and desktop (Desktop as a Service, or DaaS) hosting that can help you cut costs while providing you with an unmatched level of security and reliability.

CyberlinkASP is devoted entirely to providing our clients with reliable and secure virtual desktop and cloud hosting that reduces vulnerabilities while simultaneously allowing for better communication and collaboration amongst your team. To learn more about how our desktop and cloud hosting services can benefit your group, keep reading. If you want to try out our fast and powerful service, you can request a demo here.

We Are CyberlinkASP — Cloud Hosting and Desktop Hosting Specialists

At CyberlinkASP, we do one thing and we do it exceptionally well — cloud and virtual desktop hosting. Because of this specialization, we have constructed an extremely secure and reliable series of products that will benefit your law firm or legal department in a number of ways, including:

A 99% guaranteed uptime

A 100% data recovery rate

A 99.9% service level coverage

By following and exceeding the highest possible standards, we can guarantee this level of reliability.

Security and reliability begins with the physical location of our servers. We have multiple sites across the United States, all of which are managed and operated by Tier 1 providers. Below is a list of just some of the steps we take to ensure that your data is safe and accessible:

  • 256-bit encryption
  • 90-day password resets
  • Physical or logical separation of data
  • Intrusion-free ports on server boxes
  • The latest eco-friendly redundant cooling systems
  • Precise and accurate fire suppression systems
  • Two redundant power systems
  • Redundant UPSs
  • Redundant PDUs
  • Alarmed points of ingress and egress
  • Bulletproof glass
  • Kevlar-impregnated drywall
  • 24/7/365 continuous on-site monitoring


CyberlinkASP can provide you and your team with all of the applications that you need to do your job, including highly specialized apps. When you choose us to host your apps, we will work with you to make sure that everyone’s desktops have what they need while sparing them from the drain that too many programs can have on a computer. One of the features of our desktop hosting that our customers are especially fond of is that we take care of ensuring that your apps are in compliance with the laws that govern your business so you don’t have to. Not only will this protect you from security threats and legal action, it will also save your IT team a great deal of time and money.

Contact a member of our sales team today to discuss the apps you need to make desktop hosting with CyberlinkASP your next step towards more secure work. We would be happy to set you up with a no-obligation demo of our services so that you can experience firsthand just how powerful our virtual desktop and cloud hosting is.

The Benefits of Using CyberlinkASP


We are SSAE 18 compliant, which means that CyberlinkASP meets or exceeds the standards that were put in place by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) in 2018. These standards were designed in order to help businesses such as ours inform our current and prospective clients about the compliance controls that are in place. The SSAE 18 standards allow you to better evaluate and assess the risks of using any given service, most important in regards to how they handle financial data. To learn more about the ways that we can help your company remain compliant, make sure to visit this page.


Security is usually one of the top concerns that law offices and legal departments have. Whether you are working with financial data for your clients or your company, security and privacy must be maintained in order to keep your reputation in good standing. While some believe that digital security hampers collaboration and efficiency, the opposite is true when a dedicated cloud hosting and desktop hosting company like CyberlinkASP is securing your data.

Thanks to 24/7/365 system monitoring and other industry leading initiatives (both physical and digital), in most cases, your data is more safe being stored digitally at one of our sites than it would be in your office. The team that monitors your data are constantly looking for people trying to get in while building better walls to keep them out. In order to limit as many vulnerabilities as possible, we also make sure that we are updating your apps as often as we can to ensure you are protected from the latest threats.

In the event that there is an attack or a breach, our team will quickly lock things down in order to prevent further damage being done. We will notify you as soon as something happens so that you can make sure everything you and your team is doing is not contributing to the issue. If anything is lost, don’t worry — thanks to our redundant systems, we have a 100% data recovery guarantee.


Our team keeps your information and apps secure and working dependably nearly all of the time. Our 99% uptime guarantee and 99.9% Service Level Agreement shows you that we are serious about providing consistent and reliable cloud and desktop hosting. We structure our Service Level Agreements based on these numbers because they are the rule, not the exception. If we fail to meet these benchmarks, you don’t pay.

No Downtime

Thanks to the redundant systems that we have built, you don’t have to worry about downtime. Even when major upgrades or updates have to be completed, we can ensure a seamless transition that you wouldn’t notice unless you were looking for it. By cutting downtime, you increase your productivity, reduce the stress on your IT team, all while keeping your information secure and accessible.

Better Collaboration

Collaboration is a vital component of any business, and it is especially important for firms and departments that are managing complex caseloads or handling the legal work for a large corporation. While your team is busy working together, the CyberlinkASP team is working behind the scenes to keep important files and programs easily accessible to you while keeping others out. Our team is composed of highly skilled individuals with extensive experience in the field who understand the seriousness of security. From 24/7 monitoring to our 99% guaranteed uptime, when you choose CyberlinkASP for your desktop and cloud hosting, you can concentrate on your workload without worrying about security or whether or not you will be able to access your programs and files.

Access Your Information From Anywhere

One of the most important features of DaaS is that it allows your team to work from multiple locations without having to have their work computers with them. Using our secure system, you and your team can sign in on nearly any device to access data and programs and collaborate with others. As more and more people are working from home, this flexibility is vital to promoting an uninterrupted workflow.

Lower IT and Technology Costs

One of the most important benefits that we offer our clients is lower IT and technology costs. Outfitting an office with computers and tablets is never cheap, and when you add on all of the extra work it will take your IT team to install new software, keep the network running, and protect your data, the expense can go through the roof.

When you pick CyberlinkASP, not only will you save money on IT costs, but you will also save money on technology. Because we host all of your programs and files on our secure servers, the processing power, as well as hard drive space, on the computers in your office are far less taxed, meaning that you may be able to put off investing in new computers.

Fixed Monthly Fees

In a world that is constantly in flux, being able to know exactly what your costs will be for anything is refreshing, and when it comes to your hosting services, being able to project those costs into the future thanks to fixed monthly fees can make the difference between barely squeaking by and becoming profitable. CyberlinkASP’s services give you all of the benefits that we’ve already discussed with the added advantage of having a set price. If you are looking for the fastest and easiest way to cut IT costs without putting your firm’s security, reliability, or compliance at risk, cloud and desktop hosting is really the best choice you can make. 

What do you get when you sign up with CyberlinkASP?

  • Incredibly fast speeds. Our servers are so fast that you won’t even notice that your apps and data aren’t stored directly on your computer.
  • A long list of compliant apps. We have many of the most common apps available that can be quickly added to any profile. We’ll keep them up to date with the latest versions for extra security.
    • We take care of licensing, too. Trying to stay current on software licenses can nearly be a full-time job on its own, especially if you work in a large office. Our team makes sure that your licenses are up to date so you won’t have to worry about functionality. Learn more about desktop and app hosting here.
  • Around-the-clock support. Even if you have the best internal IT team out there, they can’t monitor and respond to threats and problems 24/7. CyberlinkASP can. In fact, we’ve built our reputation on our reliability and support.

Now that you’ve seen just a few of the many benefits of choosing CyberlinkASP as your DaaS and cloud hosting provider, get in touch with us today for a free demo!

Microsoft Dynamics Hosted ERP

If your law firm or legal department is already taking advantage of the Microsoft Dynamics, or you believe that it could help increase your office’s efficiency, CyberlinkASP also provides Dynamics hosting, including:

    • DYNAMICS AX (AXAPTA) — Built for publicly traded companies who have strict compliance requirements and complicated financial structures.


    • DYNAMICS GP (GREAT PLAINS) — Great Plains is perfect for businesses that are dealing with a number of compliance requirements that are changing as they grow.


    • DYNAMICS NAV (NAVISON) — NAVISON was designed for businesses that have supply chains to manage, along with businesses whose financial structures are changing, and businesses with unique needs that aren’t being served by other ERPs.


    • DYNAMICS SL (SOLOMON ) — SOLOMAN is a great choice for businesses with revenue streams that are project-based.


    • DYNAMICS CRM — Dynamics Customer Relationship Management software makes keeping track of relationships and leads easy while helping your company as you unveil marketing initiatives.


  • DYNAMICS CRM, ERP, & OFFICE 365 — Harness the combined power of Dynamics CRM and ERP with the Microsoft Office suite.

Make sure to spend some time checking out the rest of our website to see what CyberlinkASP can do for your business. For more information about the benefits of our services, please head on over to our resources page where you will find guides about saving money, going paperless, and more information about Microsoft Dynamics.

We have experience working with many different businesses of all shapes and sizes with several different security and compliance requirements, so tailoring a solution that is as unique as your business is simple. In addition to getting your business up and running on our servers, we will also take the time to teach you and your IT department how to use the system, what to do in case of a breach, and we’ll happily answer all of your questions at any point in the process. We understand how big and important these kinds of decisions are, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.