Desktop and Cloud Hosting For The Pharmaceutical Industry


There’s no debate that pharmaceutical companies are dealing with an increasingly complex set of compliance and security needs. While self-imposed security protocols are vital to ensuring that your company safeguards its research and development, the added weight of legal compliance requirements can make it increasingly difficult to keep up. Hardware and software costs can quickly balloon out of control, and by the time your IT department has ironed out all of the problems, new versions of software and faster hardware appear and threaten to make your systems obsolete.

Certified Teams with Hosted Desktop and Application Expertise.

While this may seem like an unwinnable battle, it doesn’t have to be. Instead of trying to manage cloud hosting and desktop hosting while remaining compliant, you can trust the cloud hosting experts at CyberlinkASP to do all of this difficult work for you. For years, our business has been centered around removing the guesswork and constant upgrades that companies face while they try to stay secure and agile.

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CyberlinkASP Cloud Hosting And Desktop Hosting

The ability of your team to communicate and collaborate is the backbone of your business. Breakthroughs large and small are the work of a dedicated, experienced team with the necessary tools at their disposal. Instead of chasing the latest solutions on your own, you can trust CyberlinkASP to deliver all of the technology you need in a way that is easier to manage and much easier to afford.


Cloud and desktop hosting takes the onus of keeping your apps and hardware up-to-date off of you. Instead, our team is here to keep your information and tools secure and working dependably. Our 99% uptime guarantee shows you exactly how serious we are about ensuring that your team doesn’t miss a beat.

If there is an emergency, a date breach, or any loss of data, you don’t need to worry. We make sure that all of your data is safe, and we have a 100% data restoration guarantee.



All businesses are concerned about the security of their digital information, and the pharmaceutical industry understands this better than most. Thanks to near-constant collaboration, research, and logistics, a pharmaceutical company survives only when they don’t have to worry about their data being compromised. At CyberlinkASP, our team monitors your system 24/7 in order to ensure both up-time and security. In addition to monitoring, we are always working to improve the security measures that prevent or stop breaches before they become a problem. We also monitor and update your desktop apps as new versions drop in order to limit other vulnerabilities. Learn more about our security measures.



CyberlinkASP is SSAE 18 compliant, which means that we meet or exceed all standards put in place by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) to inform potential clients about compliance controls. These standards are in place to help businesses evaluate and assess the risk of using a given service, especially in regard to financial data. To learn more about the ways that we can help your company remain compliant, visit this page.

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Certified Teams with Hosted Desktop and Application Expertise.

How Desktop and Cloud Hosting Can Be Used at Your Pharmaceutical Company

Like any modern business, your pharmaceutical company is made up of many moving parts that all have different requirements. In order to run at maximum efficiency, all those moving parts must be able to work together smoothly. Trying to manage the hardware and software to do this on your own can be difficult and extremely expensive, even for the most successful companies.

Virtual desktop and cloud hosting from CyberlinkASP is the solution you need to keep your technology overhead low without sacrificing security or efficiency. Our hosted desktops can be tailored to each part of your business, and our 99% guaranteed uptime means that your team will be able to work together with less risk of outages or problems. Keep reading to see how virtual desktops and cloud hosting can have a positive impact on your research and logistics departments, as well as the other sections of your company.



When it comes to the research that your company does, security and collaboration are the two most vital pieces of the puzzle. Your company has spent a lot of time and money developing pharmaceutical treatments that will help people, and the last thing you need is to worry about the research being stolen or destroyed. At CyberlinkASP, we are constantly monitoring all systems in real time, which means that we see attacks as they’re happening if not before. Our team has years of experience handling these kinds of threats and they are ready to do what is needed to keep your data safe.

In addition to the people watching your back, we have designed our hardware and software to resist these threats, too. In the event that someone does cause a breach or there is an issue with a server, we have built-in redundancies that keep your data safe and stored in more than one location. This means no more worries and no more expensive data recovery costs. You will be back up and running within minutes.


Collaboration is another key piece of any research department. If teams are unable to share their findings with one another quickly, progress can be stalled and money will be lost. Unfortunately, it is common to see researchers working off of a variety of computers all with different programs (and different versions of the same programs), operating systems, and capabilities. While there are always ways around these kinds of issues, they’re rarely efficient and even less likely to be secure.

Virtual desktop hosting quickly eliminates both of those problems. Instead of having your IT department work to constantly ensure that every machine has the processing power and software to work on your network, virtual desktop hosting puts the suite of programs your research team needs on every machine no matter where your teams are. A secure login is all that is needed to access programs and files needed to work.


If your pharmaceutical company also manufactures the drugs that you’ve created, logistics is another piece of the puzzle that can’t be left up to chance. From sourcing ingredients to shipping the final product to distributors, there are so many moving pieces that are necessary to keep your business moving that it is difficult to manage all of it. CyberlinkASP can apply the same technology to logistics to reduce waste, improve security, and let your company move at full speed.


While the logistical arm of your company is not full of valuable research, it is home to a great deal of information that requires protection, namely your client lists, suppliers, and compliance information. At CyberlinkASP, we understand that when it comes to the world of pharmaceuticals that there is no room for error when it comes to compliance. This is one of the many benefits of choosing us as your desktop and cloud hosting provider — we will do the work to ensure that you are compliant at all times. It is far easier for us to manage this compliance from a single location than it would be for your on-site IT teams because we don’t have to check that every computer or device on the network has the compliant software. Instead, we apply the compliant software to your virtual desktops once and all of your machines are compliant.


Real-time inventory and shipment tracking makes managing your business easier than ever. Granular inventory controls that are always up-to-date allows your team to make time-sensitive decisions ahead of time instead of reacting to a shortage. Reduced interruptions to production means greater efficiency and lower costs across the board. Virtual desktop hosting also allows your team to have access to inventory, shipping records, and other vital information when they are outside of the office environment, which helps them keep their teams informed and ready to handle whatever is coming next.

Cost Reduction

The technology needed to keep the logistics arm of your company moving is far different than the technology that your research group needs. This means increased tech costs and increased IT costs. But when you have CyberlinkASP as your cloud and desktop hosting provider, we can eliminate a lot of those added costs. We can easily create different versions of hosted desktops based on the unique needs of the different departments within your company and we can make our hosting work on many different pieces of hardware.

Better focused software allows your logistics team to better track the data they need to track. Having access to better data will also let them find ways to reduce inefficiencies, streamline supply lines, and have answers for other departments.

The Other Parts of Your Company

If your company was just made up of research and logistics, it might be feasible to try to manage your technology needs in-house. But no company, especially a company as complex as a pharmaceutical company, is that simple. Pharmaceutical companies also have human resource departments, legal departments, marketing, executive leadership, and many other departments that, while they are all working together, have vastly different needs to complete their work day in and day out.

CyberlinkASP has desktop and cloud hosting solutions for every part of your company. Whether you need Microsoft Dynamics hosting, you have or are interested in SYSPRO ERP, or you need a number of solutions for the different parts of your company, we have the experience, the hardware, and the knowledge to make these systems work together.

Microsoft Dynamics Hosted ERP

If you already have Microsoft Dynamics, or you are interested in using it to improve your efficiency, CyberlinkASP can provide you with:

DYNAMICS AX (AXAPTA) — Developed for publicly traded companies with strict compliance requirements and complex financial structures.

DYNAMICS GP (GREAT PLAINS) — GP is perfect for growing businesses with changing compliance requirements.

DYNAMICS NAV (NAVISON) — Designed for businesses with supply chain management needs, changing financial structures, and unique processes that aren’t served by other ERPs.

DYNAMICS SL (SOLOMON) — SL is made for businesses with project-based revenue streams.

DYNAMICS CRM — Customer Relationship Management that makes tracking and growing leads and relationships easy, while simultaneously helping you roll out marketing initiatives.

DYNAMICS CRM, ERP, & OFFICE 365 — Combine Dynamics CRM and ERP with the Office suite.

Staying Mission-Focused

The ultimate goal of technology at your company is to help make everyone’s jobs easier and/or possible. But with so many unique requirements, this is difficult and eats away at everyone’s time and productivity. Reliable cloud hosting and virtual desktop hosting reduces many of the problems associated with the technology your team uses every day and allows them to stay focused on your company’s mission. Being able to dive deeply into the work will not only help your company remain or become profitable, it can also lead to better work and a happier team. While some of these factors may not be trackable, the results will speak for themselves.

If you want to learn more about the ways that our virtual desktop and cloud hosting services can benefit your pharmaceutical company, please contact us. We would love to discuss your unique needs and provide you with a free trial of our services in order to show you just how effective and efficient cloud and desktop hosting can be. We’ve worked with a number of pharmaceutical companies, as well as medical supply groups and other complex organizations, so we understand the unique needs and compliance requirements that your industry faces. There’s no obligation to try our our hosting solutions, so get in touch today.

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