3 Great Reasons to use Hosted Desktop Services

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3 Great Reasons to use Hosted Desktop Services

Hosted Desktop Services or Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) is a method of desktop virtualization in which the user business leverages the service providers remote servers to host the remote desktop solution and other applications. The user business pays for the hosted desktop services on a subscription basis.

What are the Benefits of Hosted Desktop Services?

There many benefits to leveraging remote desktop hosting. In this post, we are looking at some of the key benefits and they are broken up into three main categories:

• Productivity
• Visibility
• Flexibility

DaaS for Productivity

Hosted desktop services gives business leaders remote access to management portals with scheduling and other efficiency tools to streamline tasks and reduce downtime. DaaS also increases processing power for faster loads and smoother experience when running multiple applications at once. This makes it possible to run all the critical aspects of your business from anywhere.

DaaS enables managers to create a more productive workplace by connecting their teams across departments for a more coordinated effort in achieving goals.

Because network infrastructure is outsourced to the provider, DaaS relieves the burden on a business’s internal IT team, allowing them to get more done.

With device-agnostic access to your critical systems from home, Desktop-as-a-Service helps your team do their jobs at peak efficiency even from the home office. DaaS also enables dynamic resource assignment so your team will have access to all their critical files and applications in one spot.

DaaS for Visibility

These days, if you’re managing a business, that probably means you’re dealing with a lot of moving parts all the time. From leading a team of remote employees to resolving supply chain interruptions, the more moving parts a company has, the more important it is that managers have a complete picture of the company’s status.

A key advantage for administrators using desktop hosting services is the improved visibility it can deliver to managers and decision-makers. Verified managers with the proper credentials can be granted access to their management portal giving them increased visibility across the business. Managers can remotely provision new accounts, add or remove apps, manage passwords, create accounts, and make decisions based on real-time data.

DaaS for Flexibility

Hosted desktop services can deliver access to a wide array of customization options, allowing business user to deploy a tailored setup to meet their specific needs.

With convenient subscription licensing it’s easy to scale the system, adding or removing users without losing money on on-premise licenses when an employee leaves the company. As we said before, DaaS increases a business’s ability to deliver device agnostic solutions to employees. This combined with the ability to quickly grant employee access to applications and files allows administrators to help users create a virtual workspace that best meets their individual needs.

In addition to letting users decide how they work, virtual desktops also enable work from home or anywhere there is an internet connections. No matter where you have to be, your business is only a click away.