Are Virtual Desktops the Right Choice For Your Business?

Are Virtual Desktops the Right Choice For Your Business?

You may want your workforce back in the office, but today’s reality still requires a flexible approach to where business gets done. You may also be engaged in work that takes place outside of your office, like at a client’s location.

And you may have employees who need to log in on the fly from trusted – or not so trusted – networks and devices.

If you’re struggling to find the right solution for this ongoing issue, virtual desktops might be exactly what your organization needs so that no matter where your employees are, they’re able to access critical information and applications without risking the security of sensitive data.

What is a Virtual Desktop?

In simple terms, a virtual desktop is an image of your applications and operating system that has been separated from the physical device that accesses it.

authorized users can get onto their virtual workstations using tablets, smartphones, and laptopsThese virtual desktops can be accessed remotely from any network and using almost any device. Employees and authorized users can get onto their virtual workstations using tablets, smartphones, and laptops.

A virtual desktop is going to have all the visual characteristics of your familiar machine; however, because the virtual desktop is powered by a more robust network with better resource allocations, end users report higher performance and satisfaction with the same familiar programs when used on the virtual desktop.

User satisfaction is also enhanced because regardless of device, the login appearance and process remain the same.

Why is Adopting Virtual Desktops a Smart Move for Business?

cloud hosted virtual desktops are a cost-effective optionFor most businesses looking for access data from a variety of locations or using a variety of endpoints, cloud hosted virtual desktops are a cost-effective option.

But virtual desktops can also dramatically improve other aspects of your business and resource utilization.

Five key benefits of moving to virtual desktops include:

1. Heightened security – networks and devices don’t require security at the point of access because the virtual desktop infrastructure is protected at all times by the security protocols in place at the cloud provider’s data center.

2. Protection for regulated industries — Once users log into their virtual desktop, their input is protected by the system that reduces activity to simple keystrokes. You also retain complete control over who can access what aspects of your company’s data so you have granular control over compliance.

3. Work without worries – Virtual desktops can be up and running with less downtime. You can provide any authorized employee with all the applications they need to perform their required duties at any location and regardless of the device operating system.

4. Simply your system – Legacy programs are often how business gets done, but they can also limit your upgrade options and add complexity to your processes. By decoupling applications and programs from the hardware that runs it, you’re no longer left wondering which machines are still viable and which ones are ready for retirement.

5. Save on IT costs – Capital expenditures on new hardware can add up. Worse, you may have fluctuating resource needs. If you’re storing and securing data onsite, you’ll probably have to build a more robust infrastructure to meet temporary demands…and then pay to maintain it. By switching to a virtual desktop solution, you pass the expense of security and storage onto a third-party cloud computing provider. Most businesses discover that the resources available from a dedicated cloud partner helps to reduce the TCO and overhead of the IT department.

Ready to Consider Making the Switch to Virtual Desktop Technology?

Since virtual desktops are centrally managed, you no longer have to worry about patching, updating and maintaining individual machines.

use legacy programs and applications in a device agnostic environmentYou also don’t run into issues from multiple devices. Virtual desktops allow you to continue to use legacy programs and applications in a device agnostic environment.

This flexibility means that your employees can do their best work from anywhere.

Virtual desktops can also increase team collaboration, generate better client outcomes, and improve efficiency across departments.

If modern business mobility is a priority for your organization, let us show you exactly how a virtual desktop can benefit you.

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We have options that allow you the opportunity to see our service in action, using your data, before you make a decision.

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