Create a Work from Home Policy for the Future

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Create a Work from Home Policy for the Future

Even as tensions around pandemics ease and workforces prepare to move back on site, the future of work from home practices has changed. While some may only be returning to part-time onsite work, others may be permanently becoming remote employees as businesses have realized many benefits of a remote workforce. Some businesses simply want to be prepared with a work from home policy established in the event of future disasters or force majeure events. In any case, now is the time to establish a sustainable work from home policy for the future.

In a recent article, Gartner Research discussed some of the ways business can create a flexible work from home policy with long-term benefits that out-value any perceived disadvantages.

Here are 5 takeaways to include while creating your work from home policy:

  • A plan for addressing barriers and fears – many still fear working from home will negatively impact employee performance
  • How you plan to maximize the benefits of work from home – eliminated stress and time of commute, reduced overhead, increased size of hiring pool
  • Prepare employees for work from home – clarify what requirement to which they will have to adhere
  • Identify suitable equipment and resources needed to enable employee home offices
  • Provide adequate communication and collaboration technology – keep teams on track and on task

An effective work from home policy should be flexible and responsive to meet unforeseen future needs. It should also be designed with the goal of delivering value to the business, not just a band aid measure to survive a current crisis.

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