3 Crisis Mitigating Benefits of DaaS and SaaS for SMBs

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3 Crisis Mitigating Benefits of DaaS and SaaS for SMBs

As if small business owners’ didn’t lead hectic enough lives already, running a small business became even more challenging with the recent health crisis. Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) can help ease the strain, allowing SMBs to manage a growing business and remote employees more easily then ever. From simplifying and reducing the cost of IT maintenance to anytime, anywhere access, there are many benefits of DaaS and SaaS for SMBs. In this post we will look at three of the key advantages of DaaS and SaaS during a crisis.

Endure with these 3 Benefits of DaaS and SaaS for SMBs

1. Reduce CAPEX
Reduce future capital expenditures on hardware with DaaS and SaaS as most of the computing work is performed by the servers that host the apps. This also allows devices to be used longer, even older or less powerful machines, including those devices owned by your employees if needed.

2. Increase Flexibility
Improve system flexibility with DaaS and SaaS. Workers can access files, data and apps with a seamless experience from the office to home or wherever their work takes them.

3. Improve Control
Desktop virtualization with integrated apps gives organizations tighter control over employee’s use of their computing resources, reducing the risks of remote office work, and SaaS enables administrators to deliver solutions remotely.

With DaaS and SaaS for SMBs, founders and top executives can remotely manage calendars, schedule meetings and make informed strategy decisions by accessing their desktop and mission-critical data from anywhere.

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