ERP Software Hosting Services – The What and Why

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ERP Software Hosting Services – The What and Why

While the last five to ten years have seen an explosion of cloud adoption, enterprise resource planning (ERP) remains on-premise for many businesses. For businesses who need the mobility of cloud but are hesitant to go cloud with their accounting, ERP software hosting services is the best option.

What is ERP Software Hosting Services

ERP Hosting is a third-party service to help businesses move their ERP software to the cloud as a web-enabled software solution. The user company purchases and owns the software, but instead of having the software installed directly on servers in-house, the software is installed on a remote server which is maintained by the hosting service provider for a monthly subscription fee.

Why ERP Software hosting Services?

ERP software hosting is a way to go cloud with your accounting management so your team has more time to focus on driving value for your business through innovation. Cloud helps a business boost mobility, increase agility & scalability, and simplifies the management of technology costs. ERP hosting through a private service provider offers more flexibility over out-of-the-box public cloud solutions and allows a company more control of their system and data.

Here are a few options of ERP currently hosted by CyberlinkASP:

Microsoft Dynamics ERP Software
Microsoft Dynamics ERP is a line of integrated business software solutions designed to automate financials, customer relationship, and supply chain management. Working with other Microsoft products, these programs will improve your organization’s efficiency, decision-making and overall performance. Dynamics ERP offers several different options to suit small, midsize, and large enterprise businesses. Learn More

Sage ERP Software
Sage ERP is a robust solution that enables business to automate and manage accounting, finances, payments, operations, and people all from one application. Improve efficiency, maintain controls and drive decision-making with deep insights and anywhere data accessibility. Sage offers a few options to power businesses from small distribution companies to multifaceted enterprises in any industry. Learn More

SYSPRO is an agile management solution that enables any business to digitize finances, streamline supply chain and boost control and visibility across the business. With SYSPRO’s intuitive product features, business intelligence and actionable insights from anywhere, managers can get more done in less time and make decisions with more confidence. Lean More

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