Keeping Remote Employees Productive During Pandemic Fatigue

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Keeping Remote Employees Productive During Pandemic Fatigue

The response to pandemic has caused rapid change in workers lives and may are growing weary of isolation, so how do you go about keeping remote employees productive?

We have all had to adapt quickly to the shelter-in-place world and remote office work. As a result of limiting on-premise work, company culture has been deeply affected. 63% of workers have cited disappearing workplace as a side-effect of COVID-19, despite efforts to create a virtual company culture, according to Clutch research. Here are some more takeaways from a recent Clutch study:

  • Offices are increasingly investing in virtual communications. 26% say their company has provided its employees greater access to communication since the outbreak began.
  • Attempts to foster a sense of company culture remotely have faced an uphill battle as “Fun” initiatives have largely failed.
  • Remote work has created increased managerial availability

Get some ideas on how to Foster company culture remotely in this Forrester post.

Keeping Remote Employees Productive

A recent UK survey found 34% of office workers are suffering from fatigue and weariness caused by shelter-in-place restrictions and other pandemic responses. Consulting firm, Actus, which conducted the survey also published a recent post with the following 5 tips to help make telework more successful and keep remote employees productive.

  1. Carry out virtual One-on-One’s – creating a sense of structure and normality
  2. Break down objectives and focus people on short term tasks and targets
  3. Seize the opportunity to promote self-development
  4. Recognize positive behaviors virtually
  5. Hold virtual team meetings

How Cloud Hosting Services Can Help You Keep Remote Employee Productivity Up

You can achieve all of the above tips more easily with hosted virtual desktop and cloud hosting services for other critical apps like Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP hosting). Because cloud hosting services allow your team to connect to the critical communication and collaboration solutions, as well as critical data and productivity apps, you can be sure the whole team is on the same page. With anytime access it will be easier to make more efficient telework policies and conduct productive meetings more easily. Learn more about why DaaS is critical to building a successful remote workspace.