Managed Cloud Hosting: What, Why and How It’s Good for Software Users and Providers

Managed Cloud Hosting Provider

Managed Cloud Hosting: What, Why and How It’s Good for Software Users and Providers

Tailored services and strong partnerships—It’s a win-Win.

The benefits of going cloud are pretty well hashed out at this point–mobility, security, outsourced maintenance. For business users and their software providers, a private managed cloud hoster is often the best option for going cloud.

What is Managed Cloud Hosting?

A 3rd party or outsourced hosting provider is a managed service provider who specializes in tailoring cloud infrastructure and security for their clients. Usually for a monthly subscription, they host your business software in a secure cloud environment on servers they monitor and maintain, making it accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. A managed cloud hosting provider delivers a higher level of service than Azure, AWS and other large cloud service providers. Plus, private hosters can tailor cloud environments to integrate with systems in those larger clouds.

Why Managed Cloud Hosting?

For many businesses, going cloud through a cloud hosting provider spares them the up-front capital expense of building out their own server environment to move their back-office applications to the cloud. It also frees up time and resources that would be needed to support, maintain and monitor in-house cloud. At the same time, many businesses want to maintain a level of control over certain types of systems like accounting software and data. A private hosting company gives them the best of both worlds. Additionally, software providers often partner with a managed cloud hoster to deliver their solutions because it helps them provide better service to their clients.

Your software service vendors are focused on providing implementation, customization and configuration services for your business software. But cloud architecture isn’t necessarily their area of expertise. Many vendors often partner with a 3rd party hosting company to deliver solutions via the cloud. This generally turns out to be a win-win for users and providers. Here’s why…

Why Managed Cloud Hosting is a Win-Win for Users and Software Providers

Value added resellers and independent vendors are experts at delivering software that is tailored to your needs. Their intellectual property is what makes their solutions work. The more resources they can leverage to innovate with their client-facing IP, the better their solutions are able to meet your changing needs. Partnering with a private hosting provider means your solution provider doesn’t have to expend resources building and maintaining cloud infrastructure, so they can focus on delivering cutting edge solutions.

With a cloud provider who’s 100% focused on cloud security and performance, users get more reassurance their systems will be secured with backups, monitoring and maintenance included to ensure your software and data are always available.

An ideal option for businesses that are scaling up, down, or into new geographies.”


Through this type of partnership, the user gets the best of both worlds. They get to go cloud, they get expert software guidance, expert cloud and security service and they get a personalized service experience from both.

“The cloud market is very fragmented resulting in solution gaps, unclear accountability structures, and complexity,” said Strickland Jones, Managing Partner for Global Technology Market (GTM). “Cyberlink’s offering is simple and comprehensive, therefore easily understood by our MSP partners and clients.”

CyberlinkASP recently teamed up with GTM to deliver managed Dekstop-as-a-Service to GTM’s clients. Read the Press Release

“Cyberlink’s DaaS can serve up any application, legacy or SaaS-based, through a single secure interface,” Jones said. “There are also no variable consumption costs making it easy to invoice and an ideal option for businesses that are scaling up, down, or into new geographies.”

The strength of these partnerships makes for a win-win for both vendors and the software user. That’s why more than 70% of CyberlinkASPs users were enabled by similar partnerships.

“Our partnership with Global Technology Market is a direct reinforcement of our belief in the channel and the increasing value of DaaS in this time of remote work and cybersecurity,” said CyberlinkASP’s Chief Revenue Officer, Brian Kirsh.

When a managed cloud hosting provider delivers combined cloud and IT support, it allows the partner to focus on the strategic elements of the relationship while having a trusted partner deliver both the platform and support. This translates to better service for the user on both fronts.


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