No IT Department? Virtual Desktop Hosting is a Cost-effective Solution

Virtual Desktop Hosting is a Cost effective Solution

No IT Department? Virtual Desktop Hosting is a Cost-effective Solution

Many small businesses or professional service providers, need IT support, but the cost of hiring a dedicated IT professional is cost-prohibitive.

You may have ever considered using a local IT service on a contractual basis.

The downside of that arrangement is that when you need their services the most? They aren’t available.

you might have been overwhelmed by tech speakThis might leave you as the business owner wearing too many hats in your organization putting you well outside your zone of genius. As a result, you never feel confident with your network solutions, reliability, or adequately “future proofing” your current setup.

If you’ve looked into public cloud services, you might have been overwhelmed by tech speak or requirements. Or, you may not have fully understood the service level agreement and what that actually means to your business.

If you’ve been frustrated or confused by your options, a virtual desktop might be the perfect solution to bridge your IT needs by providing support and network reliability while reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Simplified System Administration with “Desktop as a Service”

When you choose a reliable desktop as a service (DaaS) option for your small to midsize business, you’ll enjoy the convenience of a centralized dashboard designed to streamline your business operations into one easily accessible location.

You’ll find all your administrative functions in one convenient hub. Having one place to log in to make needed application changes, provision new accounts, create templates, or make password updates makes the whole process more efficient.

Enhanced Network Reliability

Even a brief system failure can spell disaster for your business. And all too often, a small problem can snowball into a huge one. Plus, the constant requirements of standard network maintenance can keep business owners and small IT teams busy and less than optimally productive.

never have to worry about time lostSwitching to DaaS takes the pressure off by passing off the responsibilities of server maintenance and security updates to the virtual desktop hosting provider. You get the benefit of using your talent and human resources where they do the most good for your business and customers… plus, the reliable access to remote servers with uptime of over 99.5%.

Your DaaS provider will have their own scheduled maintenance protocols and the ability to shift your computing demands so you never have to worry about time lost to patching applications or updating systems.

Eliminate the Downtime Due to Maintenance Issues

If you have a small in-house IT team or you’re relying on a local contracted provider, maintenance problems usually crop up at the worst possible times. When you have a machine that’s down, your IT service provider has to physically come to the workstation and either repair the issue or send the machine off for further evaluation.

Every time a local machine goes offline, you bear both the cost of repair and the cost of hours of lost productivity.

By shifting to a virtualized desktop infrastructure, you get a longer runway for updating hardware since the DaaS provider is invested in maintaining their own infrastructure and network stability.

If you have inhouse IT professionals, they’re free to spend their time on more valuable projects. Contracted IT can be eliminated since your cloud provider should have more robust support as a part of your service level agreement.

Your Own Dedicated Support Team

Any technology change can come with questions and concerns from new users. The potential for customization might even feel a little overwhelming at first. But an experienced DaaS provider will address your concerns and understand how to make your cloud integration as smooth as possible.

You’ll have access to round the clock support staff who can provide technical assistance and give you answers to the questions you have – in plain English.

will help you develop an effective IT strategy that makes the most of your current systemYour support team, from sales to IT, will help you develop an effective IT strategy that makes the most of your current system. Having “anytime you need it” access to support means your business is always moving forward and getting things done with less stress and less downtime.

You’ll reap the benefits of having a highly trained team of IT professionals at your disposal. This can allow your in-house IT team to focus on strategic initiatives rather than on day-to day issues that come up with your network.

Free Your Business from the Shortcomings of Locally Hosted Infrastructure

If you’re still trying to run your business on a locally hosted network, you’re probably not running as efficiently as your competitors. Business technology moves fast and it’s only getting faster. With DaaS in your corner, you can continue to work with your familiar applications and workflows while designing a more efficient IT strategy to advance your business goals.

A virtual desktop can provide benefits that save you time, money, and allow you to allocate resources – including human resources – where they can do their best for your bottom line.

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