The Key Benefits of Medical Billing Software

The Key Benefits of Medical Billing Software

If you’re the person in charge of medical practice management, chances are you’ve explored adding a medical billing software platform to your existing tech stack.

What do medical billing coding products offerAfter all, most vendors for medical billing and coding products can offer the typical medical business office:

  • Improved claims tracking so you can monitor money in and figure out what’s holding up reimbursements
  • Reliability in billing related activities to minimize errors and reduce person hours dedicated to billing tasks
  • Sophisticated financial reporting that gives you insights needed to meet and exceed financial goals and to hit business development goals
  • Efficiency in coding that produces a more streamlined and accurate process that results in overall claims accuracy
  • Reduce or eliminate the need to maintain bulky and vulnerable paper records
  • Integration with EHR systems improve patient experience by offering access to billing and payment options which results in quicker payouts and greater financial flexibility

Employees expect work from home flexibilityBut as software options become more and more integrated into the business model and your day-to-day operations, new challenges will emerge. Especially as more and more employees expect the flexibility of being able to work from home. When you have no idea what the next week or the next month will look like, savvy practice managers need secure flexible options that process claims accurately and on time — every time. No matter where your billing and coding staff is working, the practice must be able to maintain the highest levels of security of sensitive ePHI and patient financial information. To remain one step ahead of hackers, productivity losses from unnecessary downtime, and ever-changing demands from government regulators you need to find a secure, managed solution for your practice staff.

Meeting the Challenges of a Hybrid Medical Billing and Coding Workforce

Technology can solve challengesWhether your staff works down the hall or down the street at home, the right technology can solve potential challenges by providing your healthcare organization with:

• HIPAA compliant solutions to preserve the privacy of both ePHI and patient financial information
• Reliable security for both remote and in-office billing agents and medical coders
• Access to necessary software plus all updates and security patches — without downtime during critical working hours — regardless of your key staffing hours.

Virtual Desktop Solutions for Medical Billing and Coding

Virtual desktops maintain securityVirtual desktops or “desktops as a service” (DaaS) provide a cost-effective solution to maintain the integrity, security, and efficiency of your medical billing and coding platform and the people who power it.

A cloud-based virtual desktop gives your staff secure access to the tools they need to get work done anywhere, and at any time. Even when your staff is providing the access points — at home or on the go — you can be sure their personal mobile devices are just as secure as the end points in your on-site billing office.

With a DaaS or cloud-enabled desktop, you also have access to the most up-to-date security, HIPAA compliance, and the ability to monitor your off-site employees to ensure the highest standards of customer service and established security protocols are being met even when you can’t be there to guide them.

Virtual desktops provide your medical billers and coders to access the software you deem necessary for optimized job performance from any internet-enabled personal devices without any disruption to industry regulated security and privacy requirements.

How is patient information kept secureAnd because virtual desktops are cloud-based, sensitive patient information is kept secure because it is never stored on a vulnerable endpoint or personal user devices. You can give your workforce freedom and flexibility without risking a compliance crisis because you design the security controls that make sense for your organization. And you can review and update those controls as needed and develop training standards to mitigate risks from an on-the-go mobile workforce.

Virtual desktops also eliminate worries about desktop provisioning and support, software and browser compatibility, data security, or disaster recovery protocols because it’s all built into your customized solution.

CyberlinkASP Offers Virtual Desktops for Your Medical Billing and Coding Professionals

CyberlinkASP can create custom solutionsCyberlinkASP can create a customized solution for your organization’s medical billing and coding professionals, so you have peace of mind when it comes to HIPAA compliance and the security of sensitive patient data.

Cloud solutions satisfy stakeholders and keep you online, operational, and optimized even in the face of shrinking budgets and staffing shortages.

We have years of experience designing streamlined solutions for highly regulated industries like healthcare. Plus, we operate state of the art secure data centers that are audited annually to maintain our SSAE-18 Compliance.

Schedule a call today with one of our dedicated customer service team members who is uniquely qualified to give your healthcare organization unparalleled support. We can show you how to increase the security, efficiency, and end user experience of your current software while lowering your overall IT costs.