Understanding Cloud Workspaces and 5 Reasons to Choose One

Understanding Cloud Workspaces

Understanding Cloud Workspaces and 5 Reasons to Choose One

What is a cloud workspaceSimply defined, a cloud workspace is a managed solution that gives your workforce access to the content, tools, and applications they need to perform their work, regardless of location. The days of workplaces being tied together by proximity are in the rearview mirror.

And as the driving force of the pandemic continues to shift, we see more employers and employees grappling with optionality in the workplace and the desire to keep options open when it comes to where work gets done.

Cloud workspaces are the future that is already here. These are the five top reasons your competitors are moving their operations into the cloud.

1. Shrinking IT Budgets and the Benefits of Cost Shifting

Tech assets are not always secureYou know your current tech assets are only as secure as your least tech-savvy employee. From unintentional data breaches to employees who download seemingly innocent extensions and apps from the internet, your IT staff can be running all day — and often all night — trying to patch holes and stay one step ahead of the next crisis.

Yet, budgets for tech support and new hardware seem to shrink every year. Heavily regulated industries are trying to do more with less while being expected to meet increasing compliance demands.

Imagine shifting your technology costs from a capital expense to an operating expense model? Plus, with a cloud-based workspace, you have increased access to speedier and safer computing, memory, storage, and security resources with a lower total cost of ownership.

2. Streamline Provisioning Tasks and Minimize Hardware Needs

Your employees are expecting radical culture shifts inside your organization. In the traditional model, it can feel like you are always managing provisioning requests. What if you could spend the time you spend managing desktops, managing people?

3. Cloud-based Workspaces Let You Do More With Less Hardware

Cons of on site serversThe endpoint needed to operate your day-to-day activities are only part of the hardware required to run a modern, efficient, and secure digitally supported business. You also need on site servers to house all your most sensitive data.

These servers are expensive and they’re vulnerable. And it feels like a never-ending battle to create and maintain enough capacity to run the programs you require.

And if there’s ever a disaster, you can lose everything if you don’t have a solid and tested data recovery plan.

When you partner with a trusted and credentialed cloud computing service provider, you have the peace of mind knowing your data is being monitored and maintained in a rigorously tested off-site data storage facility.

4. Data Protection is Paramount in a Virtual Workspace

Cloud based workspaces give staff accessThe modern hybrid work model means business gets done on a diverse mix of devices.

Organizations that are subject to heavy regulations are rightly concerned about data security when employees can access sensitive data any time, and from anywhere.

With the right cloud-based workplace solution, you can establish protocols that limit access to necessary information to key employees. And client and patient data is never stored on end user devices.

With a cloud-based workspace your staff has access to encrypted and stabilized storage that keeps them productive and efficient throughout their work day.

5. Flexible and Agile Solutions for a Workforce on the Go

The last three years have shown every organization that you need to be ready for anything. Working from home. Working from a remote location. Big project needs a bigger team. Maybe you use temporary employees to supplement your workforce.

A cloud-based workspace solution lets you spin up and shut down virtual desktops so you can meet demand in real time. Whether your workers are in India or Indiana, everyone has access when they need it and you can control access however you see fit to maintain sensitive data.

Plus, with a virtual workspace partner you can trust, you know that security and compliance are handled and that you are ready for anything.

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