Why Move Your ERP to the Cloud Through a Hoster

Why Move Your ERP to the Cloud Through a Hoster

Why Move Your ERP to the Cloud Through a Hoster

You don’t need a brand-new solution to digitally-Transform your accounting department.

The benefits of cloud-based accounting are well covered—superior data recovery, more storage, flexibility for your workforce, reduced downtime, improved security and expert support—and these days there are a variety of cloud-native enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. But with so much uncertainty in the last year, now might not be the best time to switch to a brand-new accounting system. The good news is you don’t have to.

5 Good Reasons to Choose ERP Hosting Over a New Cloud-Native Solution

1. Smoother Change Management – Switching mission critical systems like accounting software can create major strain on a business: New implementations require heavy lifting from your IT staff. End-users are often resistant to change and they will inevitably struggle as they learn the new software. However, when you move your existing ERP to the cloud with a private hosting provider you’re simply porting your existing solution into a new environment. This creates less strain than a new solution and it enables your end-users to use the system securely from anywhere.

2. Keep Your Customizations – From customer configurations to integrations, going cloud with a hosting organization allows you to keep your exact ERP system. Like we said above, this means less heavy lifting for your IT team and quicker adoption from the end-users. Cloud ERP software that is built only as a cloud solution can’t offer this. For one thing, there are bound to be major functionality changes. For another, many of your favorite add-on solutions like expense management or vendor management won’t be supported.

3. Save on Upfront Expenses – While most cloud-native SaaS solutions offer monthly subscriptions with no upfront licensing costs, you still face the upfront expense of implementation and adoption. The time to go-live is longer and the project is more strenuous. This all equates to cost. Many of these obstacles are smoothed by partnering with a hoster to move your existing solution to the cloud.

4. More Control – Similar to number 2 above, ERP cloud hosting offers a higher level of ownership so you can tailor your system for your own needs. Whether you have a high level of compliance concerns or a need for deep customization and integrations, your hosting provider gives you more control over your solutions than a one-size-fits-all ERP cloud vendor.

5. Trusted Cloud Partner – A crucial difference between a private hosting provider and a cloud solution vendor is that a hosting provider is your true partner. A trusted partner has deep knowledge of your industry and your system. A large vendor simply can’t compare when it comes to personalized service.

While many internal IT shops have the skills and expertise to build their own hosting or VPN environment, this requires intensive management and maintenance. Not to mention, homegrown environments are difficult to secure and ensure compliance. By choosing a trusted hosting partner for cloud ERP, you get a secure, reliable environment and you can free up your own IT staff to focus on revenue generating software like your customer portals or POS systems.

We live in a cloud-first world and the availability of on-premise solutions is shrinking. A hosting provider can help you manage your hybrid environment so you can go cloud at your own pace.

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