Hosted Virtual Desktop And Applications
for the Legal Industry


Protect your data and your clients’ with secure, cloud storage

Operate More Efficiently & Securely With Cloud Hosted Desktops

Today, firms are looking for IT solutions that offer greater efficiency, mobility, and flexibility. That’s why law firms are turning to cloud computing. Cloud desktops for law firms are designed to ease the technological burden so you can focus on running your practice and serving clients’ needs instead of wasting time on complicated IT problems.


Our professionals have particular expertise in legal applications, as well as relationships with many ISVs that have been providing the legal industry with the necessary legacy applications that are all living securely in the cloud.


By outsourcing IT to CyberlinkASP, which has the infrastructure and expertise to implement and manage critical applications, law firms can gain a competitive edge.

Key Benefits of Hosted Virtual Desktops and Applications
for the Legal Industry


24/7 monitoring assures privacy and ends worries about information safety.


Respond to client, court, and staff inquiries from anywhere at any time.

Managed Backup Services

End the “what if” worries knowing that we perform routine backups.

Disaster Recovery

If a catastrophic event occurs, rest easy knowing that we can restore everything for you.


Very cost-effective solution that gives you priceless peace of mind.

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