4 Key Reasons Virtual Desktops Help Streamline Business Administration

4 Key Reasons Virtual Desktops Help Streamline Business Administration

As we’ve explored in several previous posts, integrating a virtual desktop infrastructure can bring huge benefits to modern businesses. Individual employees can customize their workspaces to perfectly match their work styles and preferences, boosting productivity to new heights while simultaneously increasing employee satisfaction.


But what about the managers and administrators responsible for the success of the business as a whole?


In this blog, we’re going to dive deeper into virtual desktop hosting from an administrative perspective, and outline four of the biggest reasons why desktop-as-a-service can help business managers do their jobs better.


1. Visibility

As any company grows, transparency becomes a bigger and bigger concern, especially for administrators. The more moving parts a company has, the more important it is that managers have a complete picture of the company’s status in order to do their jobs properly.


From an administrative standpoint, one of the biggest advantages virtual desktop integration brings to businesses is the improved visibility it affords managers and decision-makers.


In the desktop-as-a-service framework, verified administrators with the proper credentials gain access to an management portal to oversee virtually every aspect of day-to-day business. From this central hub, managers can provision new accounts, add or remove applications, change or reset passwords, create account templates, and more – all from one screen.


With desktop-as-a-service, managers get a bird’s-eye view of everything going on with their business, meaning you’ll never be in the dark again.


2. Productivity

With a complete picture of where the company stands, you are now free to start focusing on improving the bottom line. Luckily, in addition to helping administrators find out how they’re doing, it also helps them (and the employees they oversee) do their jobs better than ever before.


While virtual desktop hosting boosts employee productivity in a number of ways, these same advantages also carry over to administrators.


Beyond improving their visibility, management portals also help administrators streamline their tasks and cut downtime. No more switching between multiple computers or workstations: Dynamic resource assignmentgives them access to all their necessary files and applications in one spot, while increased processing power leads to faster loading and quicker transition between programs.


Because network infrastructure is outsourced to the DaaS provider, managers can cut their hardware costs considerably while simultaneously taking some of the load of the IT team’s shoulders and allowing them to shift their focus toward preventive maintenance. Small problems can then get fixed before they grow into big ones, cutting downtime considerably.


With desktop-as-a-service, managers can divide up work and delegate authority more easily than ever, allowing them to create a more productive workplace than ever before possible.


3. Flexibility

Flexibility is one of desktop-as-a-service’s biggest advantages. Virtual desktop users gain access to a wide array of customization options, allowing them to fine-tune their setups to perfectly fit their individual needs.

Virtual desktop customization can take many forms. For administrators, it means the ability to organize their management portals to match their management style, allowing them to pick and choose which data and applications they need and those they can do without so that managing numerous employees, clients, and programs is as simple and streamlined as possible.

In addition to letting users decide how they work, virtual desktops also give users much more choice in where they work. Virtual desktop infrastructure allows administrators unprecedented mobility to work anywhere, whether it be from home, a coffee shop, a convention center, or anywhere else. No matter where you have to be, your business is only a click away.


4. Reliability

It’s important to remember that, as great as these advantages seem, they won’t mean much if the network used to access them is down. With this in mind, virtual desktop service providers have a number of safeguards in place to ensure you’re never left out in the cold.


Reliability has numerous applications in business, but in the Internet era, network reliability has become a huge concern for managers and business owners. Profits can’t be made when customers can’t reach the products or services they’re looking for, and network outages can result in monetary losses and missed opportunities that can be crippling to smaller business.


Luckily, desktop-as-a-service can solve network reliability issues in a way never before possible in a more traditional setup. Instead of being maintained by an in-house team, network maintenance roles are outsourced to the service’s providers dedicated team specifically trained to find and eliminate problems as quickly as they make themselves apparent.


In fact, most virtual desktop hosting services offer network uptime of over 99.5%.


Reliability can also apply to your business’s most important information. When you send your vital files and documents to the Cloud, you also gain the ability to backup and restore files that would otherwise be lost – not to mention improved safety and security settings to ensure your information is only accessed by the right people.


Simply put, a well-implemented desktop-as-a-service won’t just take your business to a new level: it will be a safeguard to ensure you are never disconnected from the products and people that keep you afloat.


For more information about virtual desktop hosting and the many benefits desktop-as-a-service can bring to modern companies, download our free informative guide, 10 Ways Virtual Desktop Hosting Saves Time and Money in Business, and start getting more out of your business today!