5 Benefits of Investing in Cloud Hosting

5 Benefits of Investing in Cloud Hosting

No matter what field you work in, it’s a safe assumption that some — or perhaps all — of your work depends on technology in one form or another. Between high maintenance requirements, the cost of upgrades, and other challenges, it’s easy for essential technology to become more of a hindrance than a help.

Cloud hosting your organization’s desktops and applications is one of the best ways to overcome these challenges and preempt many others. In this post, we’ll look at five of the most important benefits of investing in desktop and cloud hosting.

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Five Reasons to Invest in Cloud Hosting for Your Business

Data Recovery and Storage

Whether your organization is large or small, few things will set you back as much as the loss of critical data. Operator errors, third-party attacks, faulty equipment, and other unseen mishaps can all cause serious and long-lasting problems for your organization. Moreover, addressing every possible concern isn’t just a logistical issue — it can be extremely expensive.

Although many desktop and cloud hosting companies do not offer data storage and recovery options, CyberlinkASP does. When you choose to use our virtual desktop hosting solution, you’ll benefit from our innovative data storage, backup, and recovery solutions.

Flexibility for Your Workforce

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every workplace in one way or another. If your company has switched to a fully or partially remote work model, it’s important to ensure that your employees have the tools they need to work just as effectively as they can in the office.

Virtual desktop hosting allows you to provide just that. No matter where your employees choose to work, they’ll be able to access the data and applications they need whenever and wherever they are. Their devices will also be fully and uniformly protected due to our state-of-the-art security measures. If you’ve ever worried about an employee’s device being compromised, you can rest easy knowing that desktop hosting provides an effective solution.

Reduced Downtime

If efficiency is a cornerstone of your business, then you need to ensure that downtime is minimized in every possible way. Downtime is always inevitable due to IT maintenance demands and unforeseen issues, but each minute of downtime has a price tag that can add up quickly. When you make the investment in desktop and cloud hosting, you’re investing in reduced downtime and the convenience of allowing another company to update and manage your software for you.

Improved Security

Protecting your data has never been more important. It’s never been more difficult, either. As we briefly discussed above, internal, external, and environmental threats can all put sensitive data at risk and leave a potentially permanent mark on your company’s name.

Allowing another company to access your data is a decision that shouldn’t be made lightly, but we think that we’ve made it easy to choose our team over the competition. Our clients’ data is protected by firewalls, two-factor authentication, virus detection software, and other leading security measures. Moreover, we offer around-the-clock monitoring in order to keep your data protected from attacks. Our ability to alert you and respond quickly could be the difference between a minor inconvenience and a major security breach.

Expert Support

An investment in desktop and cloud hosting is, on the surface, an investment in the services we provide, but it’s also about much more. You’re investing in convenience, expertise, and peace of mind. We hand-select our team members and are proud to have some of the most talented people in the industry under our roof. This means that if you ever have questions, concerns, or just need to talk to someone about an idea you have, you’ll be able to get the help you need in a timely manner. We take pride in our customer support and are always looking for ways to improve our clients’ experience.

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