Apple and Cisco Team Up to Build Fast Lane for Business

Apple and Cisco Team Up to Build Fast Lane for Business

Apple and Cisco’s recent partnership has yielded a plan to optimize Cisco networking equipment for iOS devices as part of a push to make Apple products more welcoming for business users. The two partners also plan to prioritize wireless and wired network connections for business customers to prioritize business-critical traffic.

Apple and Cisco’s combined efforts will make Cisco networking gear work more effectively with iOS devices such as the iPad and iPhone.

One way the partnership will benefit business customers is by reducing the likelihood of network slowdowns that sometimes occur when Apple releases updates to iOS software. Cisco will store a portion of Apple’s software code, thus keeping iPhone users on Cisco networks from having to download the updates from faraway data centers.

The new plan would also integrate workers iPhones with their desk phones, routing calls from their desk phones to their iPhones. Access to Cisco video conferencing and messaging systems would also be easier for iPhone owners.

It is unclear if Apple and Cisco’s plan to create a fast lane would violate the Federal Communications Commission’s net neutrality rules. These rules do allow network management practices that could prioritize certain data in some circumstances, although the rules are based on the principle of ensuring all data is treated equally.

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