Benefits of Dedicated Hosting

Benefits of Dedicated Hosting

As a growing business, it can be sometimes difficult to scale your equipment infrastructure because of time and monetary constraints.  Not having the proper infrastructure can cause disastrous problems to your budding business.  Companies using dedicated hosting can deal with this growth in a variety of ways.

Automated Backups

Hosting your hardware in a dedicated facility allows for automated backups which are stored off site  This makes protecting your data easier than ever before.  You no longer have to worry about daily backups and how to protect them from water, fire and other disasters.

Streamlined Hardware

Using an off site company to host your software and hardware allows you to focus on your business and not on dealing with expensive hardware that constantly needs upgrading.  Dedicated hosting companies constantly monitor hardware to ensure that you always have the proper infrastructure to handle the demand of your customers.

More Uptime

With a business that relies on hardware and software to survive, uptime is everything.  Uptime is defined as the amount of time that your hardware and software are up and ready to serve customers.  When you host your software on your own hardware, you are more likely to experience more downtime because of your limited infrastructure.  Companies that offer to host your software and hardware often offer service level agreements which guarantee a high percentage of uptime.

When you are deciding how to handle the growth of your company, choosing to host your machines in a dedicated data center can save you significant time and money when compared to hosting at your own facility.