The Best Chrome Apps for Business Productivity

The Best Chrome Apps for Business Productivity

While much of the technological developments in business have focused on high-tech trends like cloud desktops or other innovations, there are a number of apps for the Chrome web browser that promise to increase business productivity.  In this blog we’ll highlight a few of these apps to help your business improve productivity.


Feedly is a great tool to provide you with instant access to your RSS feeds right within Chrome.  Here you can follow your favorite blogs and websites to have access to them all from one place to help you stay up to date on the latest developments in your industry.


To-do lists can always be complicated to keep up with.  With the Wunderlist Chrome extension, you can always keep your to-do lists synched across all of your devices.  Wunderlist also offers shareable to-do lists, as well as real time synching, to ensure you never miss a task.


Have trouble staying focused while at work?  StayFocusd blocks a variety of your favorite websites to ensure you’re staying on task while at work.

Gmail Offline

While Gmail is a great tool to use while you’re connected to the Internet, it’s not very helpful if you’re not online.  With Gmail Offline, you can access your email even when you’re not online, and your emails will be sent as soon as you have Internet access again.

Using these Chrome Apps will hopefully help you to be much more productive during your workday.