What the Best Virtual Desktop Hosting Companies Offer

What the Best Virtual Desktop Hosting Companies Offer

Virtual desktop hosting is quickly replacing individual IT departments in businesses big and small, but understanding what hosting companies have to offer is critical for any operations manager or CEO to consider before making a drastic change to the way that a company does business. Use this guide to help you decide if the virtual desktop world makes sense for your company.

Benefits of Virtual Desktops

Having a virtual desktop service for your business lets you eliminate your in-house IT department, so you can cut expenses and costs. These savings can then be invested in other areas of the business, such as marketing or product development. Virtual hosting frees up time and eliminates stress and worry, allowing you to get back to work on growing your business.

Services Provided By the Hosting Company

Your hosting company should provide all of the following products and services:

  • Technical support
  • Off-site data centers
  • Network security and monitoring
  • Hardware and software
  • Remote desktop services
  • Virtual desktop services
  • ISV Published Applications
  • Enhanced security

24-Hour Support and Security

Your hosting company should also be available 24-7 to assist you with any and all technical problems, security concerns, or any other issues that may arise. Your company should also provide round-the-clock monitoring and data encryption to keep your proprietary information safe.


Virtual desktop hosting allows you to access your files from virtually any place in the world. Your desktop and your files will look identical to what you see when you access them from your home, business, or office computers. There is really no learning curve needed, as the hosting company does all the work behind the scenes.

Instead of handling all of your company’s software, hardware, data storage, and security, choose a virtual hosting company who can handle those issues and hassles for you, so you can get back to the business of actually doing business.