Why Your Business Needs a Desktop Cloud

Why Your Business Needs a Desktop Cloud

You’ve likely heard all sorts of news stories about the cloud, but you may or may not understand how it can be used to streamline your business. The cloud is simply a network of computers where files and applications can be stored offsite. Having a desktop cloud for your business offers several advantages to using traditional network storage.

More Secure

Having your documents and applications hosted in the cloud can be more secure than hosting your information on site. By hosting your information in the cloud, you typically have a large number of IT professionals that are managing the cloud infrastructure to prevent and respond to issues as quickly as possible.

Faster Speeds

Another benefit to partnering with a cloud provider is that your applications and data will reside on servers that are extremely fast and likely much more robust than what is available to you at your place of business.

Lower IT Costs

Hosting your data in the cloud also can save you money. By using a hosting provider, you no longer will need to employ a full staff of IT professionals, because all of the pros will be provided to you at no extra cost.

CyberlinkASP – Your Desktop Cloud Provider

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