Cloud Computing Myths Debunked

Cloud Computing Myths Debunked

When some people hear the term cloud computing, they immediately become worried about security issues.  They often think that, if their data is stored in the cloud, it is not secure and can be accessed by anyone.  The reality is that this is simply not true.  In this blog we’ll debunk a few of the common cloud computing myths that are preventing some individuals and businesses from benefiting from the cloud.

Cloud Computing Environments Are Easier to Attack

While many businesses think their data is more secure on their internal network compared to the cloud, they’re often wrong.  Many businesses don’t have sufficient security measures in place when it comes to their networks, as opposed to cloud providers, who have incredibly secure datacenters.

Cloud Computing Is More Expensive

With cloud computing you’re only paying for the computing and data resources that you use.  This is much different than if you were to create your own data center and have to purchase expensive equipment and hire an IT staff to manage everything.  Moving some of your business functions to the cloud can create significant cost savings for your company.

I’ll Never Be Able to Get My Data Back if I Change My Mind

When using a cloud provider, any data that is stored in the cloud is still your data.  There are a number of ways to export your data prior to canceling an account if you decide to move away from the cloud.

We hope these few myths will help you better understand the cloud.  If you still have questions about how the cloud can help your business, don’t hesitate to contact CyberlinkASP today by phone at 972-262-5200.