Cloud Computing Trends for 2014

Cloud Computing Trends for 2014

Cloud virtual desktop services and cloud computing are taking off in a major way, and the coming year holds plenty of promise for advances in the cloud that can benefit businesses both large and small. If you are on the fence about switching to a cloud virtual desktop, here is a look at some of the most anticipated cloud computing trends for 2014.

Cloud-Based Applications

Cloud-based applications will be more popular in the coming year, making HTML5 even more relevant in the coming year. Switching apps to the cloud will cut costs and improve the ability of companies to create powerful applications for both business and personal use.

Identity as Security

Security on the cloud, as with security in any other system, is always a concern. In 2014, identity management services are expected to become big business, as more companies move their operations to the cloud. Increased security will give businesses more confidence to make the switch to cloud virtual desktops and other remote computing operations.

More “As a Service” Offerings

Cloud computing offers the flexibility to offer more services to companies, so expect to see more products billed “as a service,” such as platforms, graphics, and more. Graphics as a service will offer companies more intense graphics applications, and platforms as a service will give companies better application testing and upgrades, while reducing internal IT costs.

Cloud computing is an exciting industry with much to offer in the coming year. Keep an eye out for these trends and ask yourself how they can benefit your business as you make the switch to a cloud virtual desktop operation.