C’mon Get Happy: Positive Workplaces Yield Productivity Results

C’mon Get Happy: Positive Workplaces Yield Productivity Results

A happy worker is a productive worker. A growing number of employers are realizing that the carrot is more important than the stick for getting more from their workers, and they are launching initiatives such as on-site fitness facilities, child care help, and work-from-home policies using virtual desktops to improve employee satisfaction.

Research shows that workplaces where fear, overwork, and backstabbing are rampant may produce short-term results, but, over the long haul, incur greater costs. Stressed-out employees are more likely to get sick or be involved in workplace injuries. The American Psychological Association estimates that 80 percent of on-the-job injuries are related to stress, and that a large share of employees’ medical costs are also related to job stress.

Conversely, workers who are happy in their jobs are more likely to feel invested in their work. This means they’ll spend the extra five minutes proofreading that last email or bit of copy, bring their A-game to developing new proposals, and tackle new projects with enthusiasm. According to a recent study by Fortune Magazine, happier employees were 12 to 20 percent more productive than a control group.

Even if your company isn’t able to give out big bonuses and raises, a few worker-friendly policy changes like more flexible scheduling, telecommuting options, and employee appreciation events can go a long way toward boosting their satisfaction and productivity.

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