Common Misconceptions about Cloud Computing

Common Misconceptions about Cloud Computing

As cloud computing continues to gain in popularity, there are several misconceptions that have prevented some small business owners from migrating to the cloud. Before you discount the benefits of moving to the cloud and utilizing remote desktops and other cutting edge technology, check out these common misconceptions.

Cloud Computing Isn’t Secure

Many small businesses think that moving data to the cloud will be less secure than storing data on an internal network. This is almost always flat-out wrong. Most small business networks are extremely simple and accessible by anyone with a password. Many times these passwords are incredibly easy to hack, which, therefore, opens a business up to significant security issues. With cloud providers, all of your data is encrypted, and employees of these companies work 24/7 to ensure that security is always the #1 concern.

All Cloud Providers Are Created Equal

When choosing a cloud provider, it’s best to test out a few providers to see which company suits your needs best. Many companies will offer a free trial to test out their service. Be leery of companies that do not offer any type of trial, and which want to lock you into a long-term agreement.

Ready to Catapult Your Business into the 21st Century?

If you feel like your business could benefit significantly from cloud computing, feel free to give the cloud experts at CyberlinkASP a call today, at 972-262-5200. We would be happy to set up a free 30-day trial for you to try out our service, to show you how easy it is to move your business safely and securely to the cloud.