3 Common Uses of Cloud Computing

3 Common Uses of Cloud Computing

If you’re new to the work of virtual desktops and cloud computing, you may be unclear as to how your business can benefit from this relatively new technology. The reality is that moving some or all of your business data to the cloud can offer significant benefits, compared to hosting all of your applications and data in-house. Take a look at a few of the most common uses for cloud computing in the business arena.

File Storage
One of the clouds most basic functions is file storage. Using a cloud storage solution, you can store and access any of your important files, all from the cloud. This allows you to access your files from any computer that has an Internet connection. This should offer flexibility, especially for employees while they are traveling. Most cloud providers utilize robust security policies to ensure that your data remains safe in the cloud.

Disaster Recovery
Is your business ready for any type of disaster? Chances are you are not. Disaster recovery can be extremely difficult for small businesses. In fact, many businesses would have to go out of business if they lost all of their important data in a disaster. By hosting your data in the cloud, you’re protected from any type of disaster – big or small.

Another use of cloud computing similar to disaster recovery is backup. Most small business owners do not have proper backups in place should something happen to one of their computer systems. By utilizing a cloud solution, all of your data is backed up and protected in the cloud, should a problem arise at any time.

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