Why CyberlinkASP Is for You

Why CyberlinkASP Is for You

Your company deserves to operate worry-free. Without having to worry about your servers needing upgrades or managing, you can focus on your business. CyberlinkASP offers a variety of solutions to put your worries away.

CyberlinkASP is an Application Provider that can outsource from a single application delivery to total desktop integration. With an enterprise level data center, we can easily handle the needs of most growing businesses.

What Is an ASP?

ASP (Application Service Provider) offers businesses access via the Internet to their applications. This service eliminates the need for an on-site support staff. There is never a need to purchase hardware or software again. Upgrades and maintenance is handled for you, keeping your business up to date with the latest technology.

Your business can experience more growth without the cost of paying for a support staff. Leaving your IT needs to CyberlinkASP will let you focus on your business. Costs will be more predictable, and you’ll have a secure environment for you and your customers.

Focused on Security

Using a multi-level security model, CyberlinkASP can ensure that your sensitive business information is protected. A physical data center, data encryption, network perimeter, and application — all are included in this model.

CyberlinkASP provides hosted applications for businesses of all sizes. We host and provide all of the installation, maintenance of the system, and support. If you have a standard web browser, you can access your applications from CyberlinkASP. There will be no more worries about disk crashes, upgrades, unauthorized users, or backup. No more worries, at all, associated with traditional software packages. Calling our office today gets you on your way to a more worry-free business.