DaaS is Critical to Building a Successful Remote Workspace

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DaaS is Critical to Building a Successful Remote Workspace

IT teams in businesses large and small have had to react quickly in recent months to enable a remote workspace. Here is why DaaS should be at the top of their list of new technology.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) enables business to access and use an operating system and applications over a network, just as they would if the software is running locally on their laptop or other device. VDI enables a seamless experience across devices and makes that experience available from anywhere with internet connectivity.

Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) is a type of VDI that is hosted by a cloud service provider so there is minimal upfront investment for the end-user, as the user pays on a subscription basis while the provider maintains and monitors the server.

For startups and established businesses looking to go cloud or upgrade systems, DaaS provides an extremely agile and scalable option to deliver IT solutions to the entire company, with low cost of entry and fast return on investment. Business who implement DaaS solutions are paving the way to a long term work from home strategy.

Why DaaS is Critical to a Long-Term Remote Workspace Strategy

In the last few months we have seen the workspace move from office suites to the home office as businesses have reacted to the COVID-19 crisis. About 66% of workers are now working from home at least part-time according to a recent survey.

IT departments are still scrambling to provide the solutions necessary to make this transition happen, and DaaS is one of the fastest and least expensive ways to enable a seamless remote workspace.

Key benefits of DaaS for the Remote Workspace include:

Increased Mobility – With seamless IT experience across machines DaaS is built to be mobile

BYOD – Since DaaS can be used from almost any device, employees can sign-on from their own laptop. This enables businesses with stretched budgets to hold off on investing in hardware to provision their employees’ home offices. Though these business will eventually want to supply their employees with hardware to ensure local security.

Improved Productivity – According to Forbes, increased employee mobility can improve productivity by as much as 23% – and other processes by as much as 30%

Simplified Integrations – Most applications virtualize easily and integrate seamlessly into the VDI, but even demanding applications (such as security or printer applications) are much easier to access and use after a successful integration.

IT Efficiency – With DaaS, your operating system is being maintained by your provider freeing up time and money in your IT department. This unburdens your IT team so they are able to focus on other critical issues during a crisis, like ensuring your customer service resources are working at peak efficiency.

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