Data Center Services for Emergency Management

Data Center Services for Emergency Management

Businesses should plan ahead for emergencies, and that includes having a data center service in place for computer issues.

In the recent past, many businesses had server computers in their buildings, which backed up all the data that their employees entered every day. The server then had to be backed up to tape or another portable medium on a regular basis, to make sure that if something awful happened at the office  — a major storm, fire, or other natural disaster – the data would be preserved.

Unfortunately, this process left a lot of potential for human error. Employees might get lazy about backing up the server and only do it once a week or so. Or, someone might have a busy day and forget. The absolute worst-case scenario was that the disaster was so widespread that the offsite location where the backups were stored was destroyed as well.

Data center services help prevent the worst-case scenario from happening. These sites, possibly hundreds or even thousands of miles away from the business location, store the data automatically. They are specifically designed to protect data, keeping it safe from hackers and others who want to steal the business’s sensitive data.

The absolute best thing about using data center services is that it reduces the chance of human error as a cause of data loss. No longer does someone have to remember to back up the server, and, if the company server gets hit with a power surge or a spilled cup of coffee, the data is protected offsite.