What Is Dedicated Hosting and What Can It Do for Me?

What Is Dedicated Hosting and What Can It Do for Me?

Wondering what in the world is dedicated hosting? It is a hosting configuration where a server is devoted to a single company or organization. It has a single purpose, like hosting a specific website. With shared hosting, the server hosts data from multiple companies. If one organization sees a spike in visitors, someone is always a loser. Dedicated hosting is sometimes called a dedicated server, and the good thing is that you can set up dedicate hosting yourself, or hire an external service to run this crucial data center.

What about customization? Dedicated hosting gives businesses more freedom and control over data — that’s something that other hosting solutions simply can’t do. Because you aren’t sharing the space, the server can provide for specific needs to ensure that all features work properly.

Experience less downtime. Customers don’t like to wait. That’s why it is important for your website to function properly. Downtime can cost you big bucks. A dedicated host can make downtime history.

No more congestion. Server congestion is a part of life if you opt for shared hosting. It is much less a problem with a dedicated server. With a shared host, you have congestion issues from traffic, usage levels, bandwidth, and CPU usage. That could mean disruptions in service to customers.

Get better security. Deploy your preferred anti-virus and firewall configurations without worry about conflict with other clients. Avoid pesky security problems, and don’t risk taking on a neighbor’s problems.

There are undeniable advantages to dedicated hosting. This might be the upgrade your business needs to get ahead of the competition. Stay viable — and always stay online with dedicated hosting.