3 Sets of Initials Key to Digital Transformation: VDI, ERP, CRM

3 Sets of Initials Key to Digital Transformation: VDI, ERP, CRM

As the digital world continues to evolve, the way people do business has evolved in response. Adopting a digital transformation strategy is more important than ever and there are any number of solutions and services to help businesses keep pace with this evolution. But these three are critical to keeping up with the modern world:

• Virtual Desktop Integration (VDI)
• Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
• Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

VDI allows all of that hardware to be stored in an off-site datacenter. Instead of having to host your own servers, VDI allows you to access all of your important data and files from the cloud. In a time when better mobility means better productivity, VDIs give users unprecedented freedom of mobility to work remotely.

ERP today is more than just accounting software. Modern ERP solutions are cloud-ready and enable businesses to manage people, finances, supply chains and more. In a time of increased regulations, frequent supply chain interruption and strained resources, management of these things has to become tighter than ever. ERP can help automate and manage your most critical processes.

CRM can now help you engage your customers on every level, whether its social media, drip campaigns or pay-per-click advertisements. In a time when brand engagement and customer experience are rated among the major determining factors in whether or not a business is successful, a modern CRM solution is critical. Now lets take a look at the benefits of each.

VDI Benefits
• Reduce Hardware Costs
• Boost Productivity
• Enhance Employee Mobility
• Increase Flexibility & Customization

ERP Benefits
• Automate Processes
• Improve Forecasting and Inventory Management
• Boost Reporting Capabilities
• Streamline Front-Office & Back-Office Functionality

CRM Benefits
• Boost Sales
• Increase Opportunities
• Improve Customer Experience
• Streamline Front-Office & Back-Office Functionality

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