How to Downsize Your IT Department with Dignity

How to Downsize Your IT Department with Dignity

One of the biggest benefits of virtual desktops and moving your business to the cloud are the cost savings.  While it’s great to increase your bottom line, this can also mean that you have to downsize your IT department.  Downsizing is never fun, especially when it involves layoffs.  Use these tips to downsize your IT department with as much dignity as possible.

Treat Downsized Employees Well

How you treat employees that are being downsized can directly affect your company’s overall culture.  You want to ensure that each employee is treated with dignity, to not affect productivity from highly valued employees that are staying with your firm through the transition.

Obey the Law

Depending on where your company is located, you may have different laws that govern layoffs related to disabilities, discrimination, civil rights, and many others.  It’s important to get proper advice from your legal and HR team prior to a round of layoffs.

Always ensure that your severance packages and termination letters fall within employment standards, and take into consideration each individual’s situation.

Train Your Managers

Terminating employees is likely one of the least favorite things your managers will ever do.  It’s important that your managers understand why layoffs are necessary and how to deliver a termination with dignity.

Outplacement & Coaching

Soften the pain of a layoff with coaching and outplacement support.  Supporting freshly terminated employees with networking, resume preparation, and other support tools can help significantly when they’re looking for a new job.

At CyberlinkASP we work hard to help companies save money through cloud services, but we understand that it’s important when downsizing your IT department to do it with the utmost dignity to prevent issues down the road.