Essential Business Tips for Success in 2016

Essential Business Tips for Success in 2016

There are changes occurring in many industries, where consumers have a new mindset and are starting to drive how they do business. This shift started early this year and is expected to grow in the coming year. One of the biggest shifts is that consumers want to have more say in the products and services they purchase. From being able to customize packaging to having complete control over the services they use, businesses will need to adapt their strategies.

Another big change small businesses need to be aware of is how consumers are using mobile devices. No longer is having a web presence designed for desktop users sufficient. This past year, Internet browsing on mobile devices surpassed desktop browsing. In the coming year, the leap to mobile browsing will continue to outpace desktop users. For small business owners, this means updating websites so they are responsive (mobile-device friendly). Otherwise, your business’s website is not going to be found in search results.

Further, consumers want video content. Customers want to be able to make a connection with businesses. Videos do not have to be major productions, or very long, but they should tie in your brand style with relevant information, such as DIY or product demos. In addition, video content needs to be tailored to your targeted audience.

In order to be able to adapt to the demands of consumers, the Cloud and remote desktop services are going to be vital for small businesses in 2016. As businesses look for ways to give consumers what they want, one area where they can save resources is by implementing a virtual desktop environment and moving their software, data, and applications to hosted solutions. In addition, expect more options as hosting providers and software developers start to shift to Everything-as-a-Service (EaaS or XaaS).

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