Four Ways to Get Smart About IT Security

Four Ways to Get Smart About IT Security

Companies face constant attacks from hackers, making security a priority for every employee who uses a computer, even if it’s just to log their hours or print a document. The advent of cloud computing and other Internet-based applications have created many benefits for businesses, but also can expose them to many threats.

Security breaches can cost millions – if not billions – in lost revenue and lost consumer confidence. This cuts into a company’s ability to offer raises and new opportunities for employees, so it’s in all employees’ best interest to minimize their company’s risk.

Here are a few commonsense security practices:

  • Use different passwords for different applications. If you’re using the same password for your email, company intranet, personal credit card, company expense reporting application, etc., a hacker only needs to get that one password to get access to everything you have.
  • Avoid clicking on suspicious links in emails. If you don’t know the source of a link, refrain from clicking it, as it can open your computer up to threats.
  • Use VPN systems when working remotely to avoid transmitting private information over a public Wi-Fi network.
  • Report losses or theft of company IT property immediately. Also immediately report any security incidents, such as responding to a bogus email with your login credentials.
  • Avoid leaving your company-owned device unattended in a public place.

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