What Do You Get with Remote Desktop Services?

What Do You Get with Remote Desktop Services?

When you decide to go remote, as in remote desktop services for your business, you are stepping into a whole new world of efficiency and productivity. Having remote desktop capabilities allows users to access their desktop computers from remote locations at any time via a terminal gateway service that acts as a bridge between locations. The benefits are amazing.

Work Flexible Hours

Do you need to be able to work in smaller blocks of time throughout the day because of scheduling issues? You can do this easily because you can work from anywhere as long as you have the connection to your main computer.

Work from Anywhere

With Remote Desktop Services, you can type a memo at home and save it to your work computer in the office. You can file trip reports from your hotel room and know they are saved on the computer back at headquarters.

Work with Existing Hardware

In most cases, the server allows access by existing hardware. This includes the most modern laptops and tablets, as well as older desktops. This is a tremendous savings consideration for those seeking modern technology on a limited budget.

Central Location for Applications and Data

Now you have just one place to store all the applications your employees use, as well as their data files. This makes everything accessible to everyone at any time. Increased productivity and better efficiency are the end result. With everything being centrally located, the system is easier for IT personnel to manage, because they only need to back up one server and install updates to one place.