Hard Drives vs. Cloud Storage

Hard Drives vs. Cloud Storage

The ongoing debate concerning the use of hard drives vs. cloud storage always brings up some interesting points. Whether you do everything on your own computer and don’t have to share anything or you are involved in desktop virtualization, there are pros and cons for each method of storage.


One main concern that people have about cloud storage is the level of security involved. Most cloud storage options involve automatic encryption of files so that you are the only person who can read them. You can also add your own encryption. On top of that, data on a hard drive is only secure until someone hacks into it. The reality is that if someone has the skills, it doesn’t matter where you store your data—there is going to be some level of risk.


One of the best things about cloud storage is the ease of accessibility. Of course, with the right software, you can also access your hard drive from anywhere, provided that everything is networked and turned on. When it comes to cloud storage, you don’t need any special software. A password will get you access from just about anywhere. Essentially, cloud storage comes pretty close to turning all computers into virtual desktops.

Lost Files

The worst part about hard drives is that you can lose every single file you have when one computer crashes. Cloud storage makes that possibility a non-issue because your data is stored on a remote server that is often backed up regularly.

From images to secure documents, cloud storage is the most viable option when you want to have confidence in the safety of your data. You can add layers of security if you don’t feel safe with the current options, and you can access your data from anywhere you have Internet access.