How Hosted Desktop Virtualization Supports Rapid Growth

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How Hosted Desktop Virtualization Supports Rapid Growth

While rapid growth seems like a blessing to a business especially in these times, without steady cashflow or a healthy supply chain, growing fast can break a company just as quickly as it can make one.

While many businesses are struggling to make ends meat as a result of supply chain interruptions and drop offs in sales during the pandemic, others face the opposite problem – rapid growth. Zoom for example had an explosion of new users and daily meeting sign-in’s spiked to 300 million since the telework boom started. This is of course an extreme example, and Zoom seems to be managing the user-growth well, but the fact remains that many businesses and industries are struggling to keep up with new demand. Growing too fast can spell disaster for SMBs who aren’t equipped to manage it, others may have to make the difficult choice to pass up new revenue opportunities.

Whether you need to quickly grow staff, expand to new regions or implement new computing resources, you can help your business keep up with rapid growth using hosted desktop virtualization.

How Hosted Desktop Virtualization Supports Rapid Growth

Free up cash. Desktop hosting allows managers to outsource their server needs to their service provider for decreased front-end costs and physical upkeep and maintenance.

Boost processing power. With greater processing power at your disposal, even the largest of documents and applications load quickly and operate fluidly. Even older machines are able to process data faster as the bulk of the computing is done on the service provider’s servers.

Grow your staff and expand to new regions. With hosted desktop virtualization, it’s not only easier to deliver cloud-based apps and data to remote employees across geographies, you can save on the cost of new hardware by supplying new team members with tablets and other budget-friendly machines–As we said before, desktop hosting carries the processing load so the local machines don’t have too. This frees up even more cash that can be invested in other revenue generating initiatives.

In short, hosted desktop virtualization enables a business grow while minimizing payroll growth and reducing capital expenses in the IT department.