How to Choose a Quality Dedicated Hosting Company

How to Choose a Quality Dedicated Hosting Company

As your business grows, you need to begin to think about how a dedicated hosting company can help solve some of your growing pains.  One of the fastest ways to slow your growth is by not investing in the necessary infrastructure to help your company make it through the growing pains which can cripple a company.  Keep the following tips in mind to determine how to choose a hosting company to handle your needs.


Bandwidth is the amount of traffic that your web site or web based application can handle in a given month.  Without adequate infrastructure your servers could crash which could mean that your web site will be down for an extended period of time.  When your web site is down it means that you are losing out on potential sales.

Guaranteed Uptime

When choosing a dedicated hosting company it is important to find a company that offers a documented guaranteed uptime.  Uptime above 99% should guarantee that your web site will be up when your customers need it.  This can help to ensure that you are always ready to handle any spike in demand that can come at any time when running a business.


Support is extremely important when you are deciding to host your web site and potentially other applications off site.  You need to be able to contact your support team 24/7 in the case of an emergency.  The internet operates 24/7 and therefore your support team needs to do the same.

Keep these tips in mind when you are choosing to host your web site off site.  Failing to follow through with these key items can result in major problems for your online business.