How to Protect Yourself from Phishing Tactics

How to Protect Yourself from Phishing Tactics

Whether you’re an administrator of virtual desktops or a novice computer user, phishing attacks can wreck havoc on anyone. In this blog we’re going to highlight a few ways to avoid these cyber-attacks so that you can protect yourself when you’re browsing the Internet.

Be wary of emails asking for your personal information.

If you receive emails from what looks like a legitimate organization asking for personal information, you could be the victim of a phishing attack. Most organizations will never request personal information via email, and it’s always best to call the organization directly to ensure any request is legitimate. If you do reach out to the organization, make sure you’re not using a phone number that was listed in the suspect correspondence.

Don’t click on email links.

If you see a link in an email, it’s best to open a separate browser window and type in the URL directly. This can prevent you from clicking on a suspicious link that was made to look authentic. If the URL of the link doesn’t look legitimate, chances are someone is trying to scam you.

Maintain antivirus and Internet security protection.

While antivirus protection is great, it’s also important to utilize tools that analyze your email, as well as your Internet browsing to help prevent phishing.

Be wary of threatening phone calls asking for personal information.

Phishing attacks don’t have to take place online. Criminals often will call individuals pretending to be a certain organization that needs your personal information. If you get one of these calls, simply hang up the phone and reach out to this organization directly to see if the call was legitimate.

At CyberlinkASP, we hope these tips to avoid phishing attempts will keep you safer in your daily lives.