Keep Your Team Comfortable on a Familiar Platform

Keep Your Team Comfortable on a Familiar Platform

Despite serious competition from other tech companies, Microsoft’s Windows platform remains the most-popular operating system choice for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Not only are your current employees likely already comfortable with the Windows platform, but future employees are probably going to be, as well. To avoid costly training time to get your team familiar with a different system, it may be your best bet to stick with what Windows has to offer.

Host Your Windows Installation Remotely

CyberlinkASP offers cloud Windows hosting to allow your team to access their Windows desktop no matter where they happen to be working, as long as they have an Internet connection. The ability to log in to Windows and get right to work is something that is sure to improve the productivity of your employees, as well as keeping them comfortable with something that they already know how to use. The requirement of coming in to the office to get work done is a thing of the past, and remote access to Windows is just another way your business can add flexibility and improve productivity.

Make Upgrades a Breeze

As times goes by, there are sure to be new iterations of the Windows operating system that are released to improve functionality and keep up with technology. Rather than asking your IT team to deploy new Windows installations, trust your cloud hosting company to take care of all those details for you. The result is a process that will be smoother, and an overall cost that will be lower. Contact CyberlinkASP today to learn more about our Windows hosting and other cloud-based solutions.