Make Downtime Someone Else’s Problem

Make Downtime Someone Else’s Problem

You don’t need to be told that downtime is a huge problem for your business. Any time that is spent waiting for your server to come back on line is time that has been wasted – and will never be recovered. Instead of sitting through that problem, outsource your hosting to a remote desktop server company such as CyberlinkASP. The gains you will make in convenience and cost savings alone will have you wishing you had made the switch long ago.

We Monitor Everything

When your own self-hosted server goes down, it could be a long period of time before you are able to diagnose the problem and get the right person in to fix it. That won’t be an issue with CyberlinkASP. Our team is dedicated to the stability and availability of your server – it’s what we do. In order to make sure you are a satisfied customer who values our service, we work hard to make sure your server is up and available as much as possible. Should anything go wrong, we will quickly get to work correcting the problem and have you back on track as soon as we can.

Control Your Costs

If you use an in-house IT department to manage your server needs, those costs will be constantly changing and can get out of control during a new deployment or if something goes wrong. Instead, when you work with CyberlinkASP, you will know what your hosting costs are going to be, and they won’t be changing. That way, you can budget with more confidence and focus your attention on running your business itself – not managing an IT department that is draining all of your funds.